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  1. DragonTalon

    FA is re-compressing jpeg uploads after the Nov 2022 update.

    UPDATE: This is now fixed, yay. JPEGs and PNGs and GIFs are all working as intended now. While all the official communication says they fixed the GIF problem, it has also fixed the issues with ALL formats being reprocessed. Boy, it sure is nice to have a forum link to check back on issues...
  2. DragonTalon

    Lets Save FAF

    Discord is no substitute for forums. You can't replace forums with a chat room, they serve completely different purposes. Even a subreddit would be far better than Discord for having actual discussions, and even that is a poor format compared to a basic forum. A sad day.
  3. DragonTalon

    FA is re-compressing jpeg uploads after the Nov 2022 update.

    I am assuming (hoping) the forced reformatting of all images is a bug, not a decision to save space. It actually makes PNG file sizes *larger* so it's clearly not working either way.
  4. DragonTalon

    Animations/GIFs not working after update

    That confirms that the recompression is the issue. I got an answer on my trouble ticket that they are aware and working on a fix. But it seems that every single image is being converted, no away around it. Just have to wait for a fix.
  5. DragonTalon

    It has to be a joke

    I pity whoever is working on this. Usernames are used for external links, internal links, icons in journals and comments and more, not to mention database indexes. If I changed my name, what happens to all the people who linked to it? Does the old one stick around and redirect? For every...
  6. DragonTalon

    FA is re-compressing jpeg uploads after the Nov 2022 update.

    Update, this is happening with all file types. It is what is causing the GIF animation frames to be stripped. It's also converting PNG images. The funny thing here is FA re-compressed a test PNG upload with less compression and just made the file BIGGER on their server. :) At least it looks...
  7. DragonTalon

    Animations/GIFs not working after update

    I wonder if it's related to the same issue I am having, the site converting all images when it shouldn't. Try downloading the GIF file off of FA and see if it's been converted and all the animation frames removed. If that's the case this should all be a fairly easy fix, find the code that is...
  8. DragonTalon

    Main Site Issue With Profile Banner

    I'd like to second this suggestion. Left/Right/Center options would be great. Right now all images need to be drawn/designed to have the important elements on the left. Maybe also adjust the opacity of the top UI bar, it took me a while to even realize the top part of the banner was under it...
  9. DragonTalon

    FA is re-compressing jpeg uploads after the Nov 2022 update.

    Reported, thanks. It's also reducing the quality of uploaded banner images in the same way.
  10. DragonTalon

    FA is re-compressing jpeg uploads after the Nov 2022 update.

    I was eager to try out the new file sizes and uploaded some larger versions, but was disappointed to find that FA is re-compressing my jpeg uploads. Example - https://www.furaffinity.net/view/38015883/ It isn't resizing them, but is converting them down to q-level 90 and turning off...
  11. DragonTalon

    Main Site Trying to save Pictures, names harder to copy.

    If you just right click an image and save it, the filename contains the artist name and the title. Example: 1234567890.dragontalon_this_is_the_title.jpg It's not pretty but all the information is there.
  12. DragonTalon

    Lit thumbnails

    I came to the forums today to ask about any progress on thumbnails and cover art for stories, then saw this thread so am posting here. It's kind of depressing to have nice cover art forced to be shrunk down to a tiny 120x120 image. Will we ever be able to upload larger cover image /...
  13. DragonTalon

    Where are my Invert Selection and Select All buttons?

    Weird! So I just looked at the source, and the code for the buttons are there, they are just missing. Also if I hit NUKE ALL it doesn't give me a popup just does it. I'm using FireFox 30.0 and it did just upgrade itself recently. Wonder if anyone else is seeing this or if it's just something...
  14. DragonTalon

    Where are my Invert Selection and Select All buttons?

    When browsing notifications I noticed that with the recent update those options are gone. I now only have the option of clicking on things one by one, or nuking every page. I often (especially when traveling) will select a few images to view/comment on later and delete the rest. Can't do this...
  15. DragonTalon

    Question about searching

    You can search for such tags but you have to type them the same way they are used. The BBCodes for putting a user icon into a journal or comment are :iconUSERNAME: :linkUSERNAME: :USERNAMEicon: so you have to search for this, minus the :'s. Just put all three in the search box and you will...
  16. DragonTalon

    Make a separate species selection

    I just wish we could select more than one species. When you upload a picture with two species, what do you select? Makes the search MUCH less useful when probably half the characters in the database can't even be searched for. I know a lot of artists leave them blank because why bother...
  17. DragonTalon

    Selling animals on fA?

    I've owned many pets in my life, and so have many of my friends and family. If we ever had to give one up for whatever reason, I can't imagine any of us wanting to simply sell them. I'd want them to go to a good home, not whoever could pay the most. Yeah, it's important whoever gets them can...
  18. DragonTalon

    Heterochromia: why?

    Exactly. I have a friend here on FA who has two very different colored eyes for real. It's not commonplace, but it's less rare than one would think. It's a good example of how one should be careful when using stereotypes. While you can generalize across a group of people, you shouldn't do it...
  19. DragonTalon

    PNG files look like JPG quality

    ImageMagick certainly can specify compression settings for PNG files, and is not at all shitty. Trying to write your own image processing library from scratch is a total waste of time and isn't going to be better than a library like ImageMagick or other similar ones. It's designed for EXACTLY...
  20. DragonTalon

    What're your feelings on the new flood protection FA has?

    Seems to me they added flood protection, saw that it was catching legitimate users and dialed it back so it works as intended. That's not caving, that's tweaking a new feature.