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  1. Kyri

    Free Coloring!

    Just what the title says! I'm trying to get better at coloring digitally. So If anyone has a picture that you want me to color for you, I'd be happy to do so! It can be either SFW or NSFW, There will be a little shading possibly, but it's not guaranteed. If your interested either leave a comment...
  2. Kyri

    9 character sketches

    Do you think you could please sketch my character axle? :), his textual reference is the link where it says "Axle Bio" ^^
  3. Kyri

    Free art

    If you are still doing requests, I'd love it if you would do a picture of either Axle or Kyriann raving :), my references are in my signature! Thanks :P
  4. Kyri

    Woof! hey im new!s

    Hello ^^, welcome to the forums (:>.
  5. Kyri

    Free sketches

    Could you do one of my char darian please? (if your still open that is :3)
  6. Kyri

    Icon :3

    Hello everyone :), If someone had the time, I was wondering if anyone would be willing to make me an icon of my Sergal Darian(or his name and Kyriann's may be swapped, I haven't decided) -ahem- anywho, If so that would be amazing and I hope a text reference would work!. Thanks everyone so much...
  7. Kyri

    Art block, need stuff to draw

    would you be willing to draw my character Darian for me please? :3
  8. Kyri

    Name Unknown

    yay!! fluff buddy!! xD
  9. Kyri

    Name Unknown

    Thank you :3, Im terrible with weights so I didn't know what to put, appreciate the help! ^^
  10. Kyri

    Introductions? Crud...

    Welcome to the forums ^^, (btw adorable avatar you have there :3)
  11. Kyri

    Name Unknown

    Name: Axle Age: 20 Sex: Male Species: Northern Sergal Height: 5'5" Weight:135lbs Appearance: - Hair and fur: White and black, black on top of head, on top of the arms, on the back and on the main part of his tail. White fur hanging down from the black part of his tail. as well as the rest of...
  12. Kyri

    Realism Practice

    Id like it if you would try any of my chars :3, your choice, refs are in signature ^^
  13. Kyri

    Free Art for Everyone!!

    If your still open I'd love it if you would please do one for me of Ebony :3. Refrences are in the signature ^^
  14. Kyri

    I wanna draw something...

    Could you please draw my characters Ebony and Eve together? ^^, refs are in siggy :D
  15. Kyri

    New and EXCITED!

    Hello :3. Welcome to the forums! ^^
  16. Kyri

    Need practice (Free Chibis!)

    If the slots are still open Id love it if you'd draw Ebony ^^, Ref is in sig :D
  17. Kyri

    I Am New And Lonely....

    Welcome to forums :3, enjoy your stay here :DD
  18. Kyri

    Dr. AssClown

    Hello, welcome to FA. :3
  19. Kyri

    Heyo ^_^ A Wolf Named Lynx here!

    Welcome to the forums! ^^ I hope you enjoy your stay.
  20. Kyri

    meep? Hello...

    Welcome to the forums :3, and its okay to be shy :), from what I've seen, around here being shy is actually a good thing...much better than "OMG HAI!!!!! I AM NEW AND I'M A FURREIH WHOSE PART LEOPARD PART WOLF *WAGS AND LICKS*" -ahem- Anywho, welcome to the forums.