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  1. Remba Hatari

    Doing some free colored headshots

    I would truly appreciate something of my female bat - Lavi. :) Thank you for the opportunity! I hope you find some characters you'd enjoy doodling!
  2. Remba Hatari

    Free shorts for anyone interested ~

    Thank you. I figured if it was in the wrong space it would be moved. I appreciate it. :)
  3. Remba Hatari

    Free shorts for anyone interested ~

    First off, I was unsure to post this either here or in the Art Exchange. Seeing as this thread is currently Moderator-less, I chose to be an arse and post it here. What I am offering are short stories between 750 - 3000 words featuring your ideas, characters, etc. If you'd like them interacting...
  4. Remba Hatari

    Brave volunteers needed!

    This is actually a brilliant idea. I have 23 characters, but only 9 of them have portraits. If you could give me a general location as to where your story takes place, I'd be more than glad to offer a character or two. Reason being is that all my characters have typed "Reference Sheets"...
  5. Remba Hatari

    Did you ever deny your furriness?

    Only when dealing with the public at work. My customers, for example, and co-workers won't understand what a furmeet is. So instead of trying to explain the fandom - I say it's a giant bloc party and my friends and I BBQ in the park. I call it PitP instead of a furmeet. Party in the park. If...
  6. Remba Hatari

    Doing a couple requests.

    http://www.furaffinity.net/view/11238833/ giving http://www.furaffinity.net/view/10594148/ this http://www.furaffinity.net/view/11370197/ Or a little panda dressed as a leprechaun and eating the gold. <3 Thanks for the offer!! :) (also, if you're cool with it, I really like the sketch...
  7. Remba Hatari

    I need help D:

    I tweaked the ending some, but I'm still unsure if Vi is consistent enough. http://www.furaffinity.net/view/11445243/ Also, for the "world" they live in - I just imagine it as the world we live in except everyone is an anthro. So furry characters aren't out of place, but a normal occurrence...
  8. Remba Hatari

    Is it bad that I want one of these?

    I want one. I didn't even know this was a thing! People say no, because it is "racist" - but it is just a doll. It is similar in saying that Raggedy Ann offended whites. Just move on with it. The lines are so blurred, why is race even a thought now? Then again, I'm don't think like most...
  9. Remba Hatari

    Gimme Your Ideas!

    I would love a better image of my bovine, Maebelle Ann. http://www.furaffinity.net/view/9598091/ It isn't a full body ref, so maybe you could get creative with it? Have her lower half buried in the sand and shaped like a mermaid tail, wrapped in a towel or behind a stand? It is a horrible...
  10. Remba Hatari

    How can I make my watchers happy?

    I wasn't saying the answer was scummy; I was saying the furries that only want free art are scummy.
  11. Remba Hatari

    Do you ever feel wierd around your fursona's animal?

    I once got into a roaring contest with a white tiger when I was about 7. Then after I got into the fandom, I started having reoccurring dreams where I climb into the enclosure and they accept me as their own. I've also visited a cat sanctuary and tried to imitate their noises about 6 inches...
  12. Remba Hatari

    I need help D:

    See, I thought something was off! I write straight through and make revisions as I go. Usually it goes okay, but sometimes I get complete disconnects like with Vi. I'm glad you like him as a character though. I appreciate that :) Also, I know extremely little about painting. I tried watercolors...
  13. Remba Hatari

    How can I make my watchers happy?

    Now just wait a darn minute! Not all furries are total scumbags that want everything for free and don't care about you at all. There are decent ones out there. Forget porn. Forget commissions. Draw what you like. Personally, I think that helps us watchers get to know you better. Plus commission...
  14. Remba Hatari

    How can I make my watchers happy?

    As a watcher, it is awkward to answer these types of journals. Particularly if there isn't anything wrong with the artist. I'm only watching 500ish people, yet if I don't check my FA every 2-3 hours; I get easily over 100 submissions. It is crazy to favorite or comment on all of them, so you...
  15. Remba Hatari

    Your fictional character crush

    D: is it weird that I didn't have a crush on any fictional character? .............unless imaginary friends count.
  16. Remba Hatari

    do you wear a collar, and why or why not?

    I would put mine on everyday after work and when I woke up on the weekends. Of course, that was when I was extremely active in the furry community. My new town has such a small group and I'm single, so wearing a collar is pointless on all accounts. I might start wearing it again for giggles. It...
  17. Remba Hatari

    Members by Species

    Remba Hatari White Tigress Feline of the bestest variety.
  18. Remba Hatari

    I need help D:

    I wrote something new, but it feels a bit flat to me. It could be that I've read it so many times that it doesn't interest me as it once did. http://www.furaffinity.net/view/11445243/ Does that seem boring to anyone else? I also think it is a little rushed. Thoughts?
  19. Remba Hatari

    Character Reference anyone?

    Your style is beyond fantastic. I have a bat that I think would look amazing in it. Lavi - http://www.furaffinity.net/view/6709901/ M for Cleavage. Thanks for the opportunity! That's really super sweet of you o.o I hope you can find a character you like!
  20. Remba Hatari

    Things you DON'T like seeing in furry fiction

    I like Candara or Verdana font pt 14. :) Oh wait.. things we don't like.. any story typed in Comic Sans, Book Antiqua, Times New Roman, or Arial. They seem too childish or stereotypical. I prefer to read something with a font that best suits the story and its characters. Calligraphy is an art...