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  1. Brandon G.

    Hiring: multiple Sona telegram sticker pack(s)~$5-$10 per sticker

    Looking for telegram sticker pack(s) for my different sonas(total of 4 sonas, fox,lynx,lion,femboy fox), I'd like NSFW and sfw for each sona. I'm thinkinf like $5 per sticker(I'm not super sure on fair pricing for these are so price is definitely negotiable) I'm (obviously) new to commissioning...
  2. Brandon G.

    Looking for a nsfw and sfw version of my fox sona

    Just as the title says, I'm looking for a clean and nsfw version of my fox sona. I do have a reference picture of him from a previous commission but am looking for a more detailed edition of him. The clean version I'm thinking of would be like looking at an old poloroid photograph. The nsfw...
  3. Brandon G.

    Needing a couple of works for 2 sonas(nsfw &sfw)

    Looking for two different sonas, both male,to be drawn the first I would like a nsfw and a sfw version the other just a sfw is fine The first one would be a lynx with pretty traditional marking and brownish red hair. As far as clothing goes something like a modern greaser;converse, ripped up...
  4. Brandon G.

    New to this world and need a ref for my fursona

    I haven't been that movie yet,it's on the list. I can see the angle you are coming in the picture. The image in my head for my fox is a little more formal and proper, but I can't say much since I haven't seen the movie yet
  5. Brandon G.

    New to this world and need a ref for my fursona

    Hi, I'm new to the furry world and would like a full body of my sona standing. naturally i have no ref photo since this will be my first. what i am looking for is a thin fox with the classic white, orange, and black markings in a dapper outfit(slacks, button up shirt, vest, and bowtie or tie)...