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  1. Tommy

    Cumbrian Massacre.

    People who commit murder-suicide make me sick. I wish the best to those affected by this.
  2. Tommy

    New Pokemon Games Revealed: Pokemon White and Pokemon Black

    I walk into this thread, and stumble upon this. Awesome.
  3. Tommy

    How long have you had your character/fursona?

    I created the general character about a year and a half ago (possibly longer), and made up his actual traits when I joined FAF.
  4. Tommy

    How long have you been in the fandom

    About 9 months to a year, and I have no idea how exactly I found out about it.
  5. Tommy

    Fur affinity not allowing New account registration?

    It was that way for a while before, and they enabled them again. I'm not sure why.
  6. Tommy

    weird things

    That happens to me very often. And to answer the question... Probably any other dream I've had.
  7. Tommy


    I remember when that show was actually funny. I don't watch it much anymore.
  8. Tommy

    Cheat Codes

    Ah, my childhood was full of cheat codes. I remember using them whenever I could. Not anymore. ...fine, I do sometimes.
  9. Tommy

    DS Stuff

    I have a regular DS as well, but I can't find the damn charger for it... so I'm using my sister's DS lite. I'm also playing Soul Silver... and I'm running out of things to do.
  10. Tommy

    General Time-Wasting Thread

    This thread is just what I needed. And since everybody is talking about browsers, I use firefox/IE.
  11. Tommy

    Am I the only one that thinks faf is no longer fun?

    Oh lord. And to answer the question, it's not nearly as fun as it was a week after signing up. That's why I don't really post much anymore.
  12. Tommy

    School Performance

    Straight A's and A-'s... I'm lucky that my classes are easy.
  13. Tommy

    So, what games are you hyped for?

    Portal 2 and Pokemon Black/White. And in a way, Halo Reach. That's about it.
  14. Tommy

    Which branch would you join?

    I'd join the navy, because my dad was a navy officer.
  15. Tommy

    Experiences With Furries IRL

    I don't know any. I'd be surprised if I met one.
  16. Tommy


    I think my younger cat is hitting on me. No joke.
  17. Tommy

    How long have you been in the fandom for?

    About a year. Give or take.
  18. Tommy

    Do you have any "furry habits" IRL?

    Not at all. I guess I haven't been one long enough. (which is probably a good thing)
  19. Tommy


    I skip breakfast, but I usually eat either 2 or 3 a day, depending on how hungry I get.