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  1. Melo

    FaF regulars how many of you have gotten death threats on FaF? and how many?

    I've never received a death threat on FAF, though I have received one or two on another forum.
  2. Melo

    first time with a tail in school

    The fact you only got some weird looks and a call out or two is unfortunate.
  3. Melo

    The Nazis were gay!

    Glitzkrieg. Oh, lawd.
  4. Melo

    Is there a famous fur list?

    Krystal is in Starfox. FYI
  5. Melo

    Just HOW flexible are you?

    Nylak, how flexible are you?
  6. Melo

    Just HOW flexible are you?

    So how is that?
  7. Melo

    Off Brand food

    It depends on the product. I've noticed that the biggest savings come with the most simple stuff: butter, cream, sugar, etc.
  8. Melo

    Hey you fags!

    kind of like the n word
  9. Melo

    Hey you fags!

    I use it from time to time irl and all the time on the forums. In the right context or the right situation, I don't have any problems with it.
  10. Melo

    Eagles don't have dicks, right?

    eagles don't have dicks, but they can fuck you up with their fucking beak and TALONS from the fucking sky
  11. Melo

    So As I Was Murdering My Stepdad, I Opened A Portal To Another Dimension

    Don't most of the cute ones end up dying or otherwise prove to not be significantly useful? Judging by zombie film standards, of course.
  12. Melo

    Almost got fried by an idiot.

    You strike me as a Randal opposed to just another Randy.
  13. Melo

    So As I Was Murdering My Stepdad, I Opened A Portal To Another Dimension

    I always daydream about pulling back my covers as I get in bed and atrakaj is under there.
  14. Melo

    So As I Was Murdering My Stepdad, I Opened A Portal To Another Dimension

    A lot of my day dreams are perverted. Go figure. I usually daydream about excelling at and/or performing a few things I enjoy. Some days I daydream how my life might be if I had done some things differently. I've made a couple bad choices over the years.
  15. Melo

    Almost got fried by an idiot.

    Randal, I'm glad that you're ok.
  16. Melo


    Sif you didn't know where this discussion would lead.
  17. Melo

    Post Your Dimensions!

    5'8'' 130lbs
  18. Melo

    Hot stepmom...

    GatodeCafe, your cock is my hero. Fuck her. Fuck her like the bitch she is. If I'm ever in Colorado, I'm fucking buying you a beer.
  19. Melo

    Why can't this happen?

    Even if your lyrics are good, they're going to be overlooked if your music is no good. For the most part you need both, one to complement the other. I mostly listen to pop and piano rock. I always thought a lot of the The Fray's lyrics were damn good.
  20. Melo

    RL Critters You Have Met

    Nothing too much: raccoons, possums, deer. Your typical Michigan wildlife mostly.