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  1. Zorro101

    DJ Poser Looking to Stop Being a Poser

    I love making my own psychedelic trance, but at some point your going to need a laptop to mix stuff by computer but for the tables them selfs there is really no one good place to get one, just make sure its reliable if you buy online.
  2. Zorro101


    ya, its only as big a deal as you make it in your life, people flip out too easy these days
  3. Zorro101

    im back from 08

    i dropped out for a bit cuz most of my friends stopped going on that i would chat to
  4. Zorro101

    Psychedelic Trance

    Any one into the Trance or Goa scene??? name a few of your favorite DJ's/songs 1200 micrograms - LSD, Total Eclipse - Tales of the Shaman... a few of my top
  5. Zorro101


    whats upp welcom to FAF
  6. Zorro101

    O.o newbie x.x

    hellooo nicee to see you
  7. Zorro101

    How many of you would ride around in this?

    o dam... needs upgrade
  8. Zorro101


    Smoke a blunt
  9. Zorro101

    Furry rave

    Raves are run, i went to Monster Massive 09 and it blewww my minddd!! i am trying to go to Together As One but no ride :{ i love taking LSD and just going around with lights tripping people out
  10. Zorro101


    lol why hello
  11. Zorro101

    Your greatest ideas

    an electro magnetic generator capable of powering it self for years until the electro magnets run out of magnetic pull
  12. Zorro101

    What Is Your Sexual Orientation? Part 4

    i think sexual things are all in the mind.. so to me it does not matter
  13. Zorro101


    We fight in the pit of death and kill each other for it... find one and put upp, but welcome to the forums
  14. Zorro101

    Do you have any "furry habits" IRL?

    I do a bit of cat nosies but oonnlllyy to my self
  15. Zorro101

    Do you wear anything furry in public?

    I dont even have any furry cloths lol
  16. Zorro101

    Do you has a mate?

    I have probably a 1 in 500,000 chance in meeting a furry that is my type. i think the same goes for many people here but good going for the people who found another fur that is perfect for them
  17. Zorro101

    Young Furries?

    i don't think many people even learn what a fur is until they are 15 16 17, unless they go on the internet a lot while they are young. but i think a bit less then half of the fur here are below 18
  18. Zorro101

    The limits of Furriness

    Furry i think goes for the whole term of human like animal type of shit... Dragons and lizards and such may have their own sub-category just like different types music but its still all under "Furry"
  19. Zorro101

    Dating = impossible

    I seem to have the same problem, people are so different it's hard to find someone like you that you can share a lot with. I still think you should not just sit and wait for a girl..or guy.. to come into your life, I think you have to search a little at least but not drive your self mad looking...