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  1. littercritter

    Any Good Free Animation Programs?

    does anyone have suggestions of what free apps to use on an ipad? that's currently the only reliable medium I have at my disposal right now ^^;
  2. littercritter

    Just Excited, That's All

    Ahaha thank you ^^ I love opossums! Thank you for the welcome too! I am really enjoying it here so far ^^ Happy New Year to you! Thank you and Happy New Year as well!! ^^
  3. littercritter

    Just Excited, That's All

    Oh thank you. ^^ Happy new year to you too!
  4. littercritter

    I have, have you?

    Oh no I'm sorry, I haven't done that one! I have pulled all nighters finishing entire college art portfolios the night before they're due...every single semester (because I'm an idiot). Have you?
  5. littercritter

    Describe your Fursona(s) in 5 Words or Less

    garbage laidback coffee scavenger marsupial
  6. littercritter

    Digital Artists, what art programs do you use?

    I heavily use my iPad now and on it I use MedibangPaint. Whenever I use my Wacom with my laptop I use Vilebile's version of Sai since I'm a broke college student. I personally really liked Vilebile's Sai since it came with all of their custom brushes and I never got any viruses or had any issues...
  7. littercritter

    Just Excited, That's All

    Aaaa feel free to ignore this post because it's kind of irrelevant but I'm still super new to the fandom. Like super super new. I made this account along with a FurVilla, Weasyl, and Furry Amino account either on Christmas or the day after and that was when I really accepted my fandom interest...
  8. littercritter

    Hey there ^^ new artist here!

    Oh thank you! ^^
  9. littercritter

    Hey there ^^ new artist here!

    Hi, thank you! ^^
  10. littercritter

    Hey there ^^ new artist here!

    Hey thank you! ^^ I'll definitely get to posting art on my FA soon since I'm a little more settled now!
  11. littercritter

    Hello Hello

    Hi ^^ I'm new here too!
  12. littercritter

    Hey there ^^ new artist here!

    Hi! I'm Kitty/Oliver and I'm an artist who is super new to the fandom ^^ I'm most active right now on Instagram (@graphitepoisoning) and have commissions open there. Once I get more set up here I'll open commissions on this site (same goes for FurVilla and Weasyl). I mostly do digital art but am...