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  1. toastedtruth

    People are so judgemental with music tastes

    I don't tend to think like this with music. Most a-holes judge my music all the time. A lot of the stuff I play regularly is quite upbeat; and someone who just happened to be listening into it calls it disco/70's-80's. Now I'll never think of those songs the same :( I'm criticised by my younger...
  2. toastedtruth

    What was the last show you've watched?

    I don't watch TV anymore, the Internet is far more interesting than a lot of it. I'd say the last thing I watched was Doctor Who or Mythbusters. More likely Dr. Who because all the UK Mythbusters are repeats. It's a shame, I really like the show.
  3. toastedtruth

    Good day!

    Hehe, yeah that was intentional. I loved that show as a kid. I just mentioned it in my fursona's thread - Milo. Found a name now that works :D
  4. toastedtruth

    Milo the Red Fox

    Content removed. Content removed by the user.
  5. toastedtruth

    TV Series From Our Childhood

    Wacky Races, yes :) Scooby Doo, yes. My favourite was the Cyber Chase game for PS1 (oh, the days!) See the cap in my fursona? Reference to Timmy Turner, aka Fairly OddParents. I loved that show, and when I need something to make me stand out I use the cap. Also there's Tom and Jerry...
  6. toastedtruth

    Failure Configuring Windows Updates.

    Okay try this: 1. Do Windows Key + R and type "services.msc" 2. Find the "Windows Update" service and stop it by right clicking into the context menu > Stop. 3. In Explorer, browse to: "C:\Windows" 4. Inside there should be a folder called "SoftwareDistribution". This is the entire directory...
  7. toastedtruth

    Rate The Song Above You!

    5.5/10 Would not make it on my playlists http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DJQQrjVmQG0
  8. toastedtruth

    Good day!

    Hello, there! I'm toasted. I joined a couple of days ago mainly for the reason of starting a web comic with a fellow furry. I can't seem to find him on the forums, though. He said he'd post about our comic here. :/ But hey, here it is. Also, I partly joined out of curiosity and a bit of...
  9. toastedtruth

    Fuck Fuck water

    Electronic water damage. What to do: 1. Dismantle and remove every component whilst maintaining a static-free environment. 2. Get a desk lamp. Preferably one that lets off enough heat (40w?), and shine it on the components. Also see if you have more than one for drying each component. 3...
  10. toastedtruth

    Want files off of corrupt hard drive; help?

    If the Geek Squad confirmed there's data still in the hard drive, then it works or they could be lying. 1. Assuming it's SATA and not IDE (connector), then you can connect it to a new computer using a spare power and data cable. As said above, you could take it off of the DVD/CD drive. 2...