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  1. MistressSparkles

    Adoptables - Your Opinion

    I don't like them. But I don't care that they exist. Especially in the fur community, because it's not necessarily an art community or a creative community. I also realize some people are not designers and for your non-creative furry it might be a good way for them to realize an identity. I'd...
  2. MistressSparkles

    Pose Auction (ADULTS ONLY)

    Adults Only Again! This link is NSFW - http://www.furaffinity.net/view/7330391 Rules, information, and examples of past auctions in the nsfw link above. Ends this Saturday,
  3. MistressSparkles

    Adult Auction-ends Saturday

    18+ only! NSFW http://www.furaffinity.net/view/7287858/ Auction ends 11pm Saturday Rules and other information in the post I'll close this thread when it's over, have a good day everyone!
  4. MistressSparkles

    Free Sketch & Free Pinup Drawing

    Alrighty thread closed. He made it. Thanks again everyone.
  5. MistressSparkles

    Free Sketch & Free Pinup Drawing

    Yeah... They have till 9 over here. Hate to be a jerk, but I can't just wait around.... if this was a real time drawing they'd have been bypassed already.
  6. MistressSparkles

    Free Sketch & Free Pinup Drawing

    On another note, there may be a redraw if I don't hear from LeonthePanda.
  7. MistressSparkles

    Free Sketch & Free Pinup Drawing

    It was a random drawing in this case, like literally loaded everything into a randomizer and it randomized. Maybe they're just lucky lol.
  8. MistressSparkles

    Free Sketch & Free Pinup Drawing

    Winners announced
  9. MistressSparkles

    Free Sketch & Free Pinup Drawing

    You did XD Literally at 10 o' clock according to the time Good luck on the drawing
  10. MistressSparkles

    Free Sketch & Free Pinup Drawing

    You know I wouldn't mind a trade. Contact me on FA and we can trade infos for it
  11. MistressSparkles

    Free Sketch & Free Pinup Drawing

    WINNARS Sketch: RayO ElGatubelo PinUp: LeonthePanda Contact me for your winnings. If a winner fails to contact me, there will be a new drawing and a new winner. Thanks for participating Everyone:D NO MORE ENTRIES The Drawing has already begun In honor of my Sale...
  12. MistressSparkles

    Sketches & pinups! Sale

    High quality "sketches" Starting at just $5 These are full color with even some shading! http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/2906022/ Also, now offering a sale on pinups, starting as low as fifteen dollars. http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/2906022/ ***Some of the images above have been...
  13. MistressSparkles

    Open again!! All sorts open!

    I'm having another Outfoxed sale! http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/2494053/ http://www.outfoxed.net/commission_details.php?blockid=194 I also have Name Your Own Price Slots But only 3! Name your own price means you give me a finite amount I do the allotted work that it buys. Not matter...
  14. MistressSparkles

    5 dollar Outfoxed Sale!

    Color sketches! Just five bucks a pop! http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/2420729/ image host
  15. MistressSparkles

    Money to Spare~

    Haaaai! Here's my gallery if I strike your fancy: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/mistresssparkles/ (there be many nsfw stuff afoot!)
  16. MistressSparkles

    Anybody taking Icon Commissions?

    if I could also direct you to not me lol The person who did my icon does them pretty cheap :3 Link below http://www.furaffinity.net/user/thestory
  17. MistressSparkles

    $100 to spend, who wants to take it from me? (note: NSFW/Adult/Herm content)

    Sounds interesting. I do make it a point to communicate with people I work with it's good to see you made a point to mention it. I have images linked below: (ALERT, THEY ARE PROBABLY NSFW YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED) No really... naked smut below do not click if it offends...
  18. MistressSparkles

    Random Drawing for free art!

    Here's the Winners!!! 1. Dasaki 2. Sketchkat 3. blackat
  19. MistressSparkles

    Random Drawing for free art!

    http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/2401163/ All that you have to do, is comment in the journal linked above and leave reference of the character you want drawn as well as any other descriptions you think are necessary. These will be fairly simple, the figure with no background. The drawing...