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  1. poco

    The By You/For You Policy

    If that's what people want why shouldn't FA oblige? At the end of the day FA is supported by it's users. Many, if not most, of the artists are supported by their commissioners. Whatever FA was intended to be it's an always evolving site and should reflect it's users desires. If I...
  2. poco


    The changes you've just made seem to have slowed the site down quite a bit. Why is that?
  3. poco

    what furry are you ? * points*

    Mouse!!! Yep
  4. poco

    So, uhm, yea.

    I don't know about aggressive, but I've made some posts that made me wince the next day (or was that the hangover?).
  5. poco

    Are most Furs Lazy?

    Like most people, furs are productive with things that interest them but not so much with things that don't. We have many prolific authors and artists in the community. We also have many people who work and go to school. So I say no, furs are not lazy. The stereotype of the unemployed loser...
  6. poco

    So, uhm, yea.

    Hi! I'm new to the forums too. Like you, I'm known to make an occasional drunken post. >.<
  7. poco


    Thanks for the welcomes! I hope I'll get to know more of you soon.
  8. poco

    Are you a virgin?

    Does oral count? If not than, yes, I am a virgin.
  9. poco


    Hi, I've been over on the main site for a while, but never joined the forums. So now I'm joining the forums. yep. Good to be here.