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  1. madd foxx

    Columbia basin job corp

    So iv'e not used this site in forever, but awhile ago while i was in IC3 at job corp i realized someone had used the computer closest to the teacher to use this site. I was wondering who did it cause it's kinda cool to find something like that.
  2. madd foxx

    FA User Online System Info Reference Thread (Xbox 360/PS3/Wii/PC/ETC)

    X-box 360 tag: floresint bike Games: COD WAW COD MW 2 Midnight club LA most racing games Halo 3 I also rent allot of games so i play bassicaly anything. Hit me up, im lookin for some more furries to play games with and make some friends with. =3
  3. madd foxx

    Hi, everyone.

    As the first to great you i wish you a very good time on the forums. Have some cookies.
  4. madd foxx

    attack of the show on G4tv did one on the fandom

    Nobody fucked in it, and the word yiff was used once then forgotten, wow... thats just amazing.
  5. madd foxx

    Um, hello there furries.

    Hello, sorry im late on the welcomeing, but in a thread you said you make tails and you wore one for spirit week at skool. Do you by any chance go to a skool in Washington called EHS. And welcome the forums. :D
  6. madd foxx

    Do you own a tail?

    WERE DO GO TO SKOOL!, we just had an animal day during spirit week and i was PIIIIIISED that i was a furry with no animal get up. I want a fox tail so bad and missed out on the oppertunity to get one.
  7. madd foxx


    I like seared Ahi and seaweed salad, any kind of sashimi and the fried potato cakes. And they have the best cream puffs hear in Seattle at a place called "Beard Papas," it is inside owijamiya, the Asian mall in china town. And my favorite sushi place is Blue C Sushi.
  8. madd foxx

    How is Roman Catholicism Not Christianity?

    If they said they wernt Christian then theyre connfused, or they are saying that they dont want to be grouped in with the douchey i am right you are wrong kinda christians.
  9. madd foxx

    How is Roman Catholicism Not Christianity?

    I went to ST. Marks in Seattle and it was almost the same exact teachings as any other church ive been to. It was just done in a more grand way. And there was real wine at communion not fruit punch, and there was actual soda bread instead of oyster crackers. Christianity is Christianity.
  10. madd foxx

    Recommend good rap music to me.

    If you want rap then let it be smart like the blue scholars http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pry0_twHn7w http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JIqMIrmpUjc&feature=related http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eKLgaLBhx68&feature=related And my favorite of all was this song played live at the...
  11. madd foxx

    What Is Your Sexual Orientation? Part 4

    Whuuu... its not true, it cant be... WHATS MORE IMPORTANT THAN SEX!!!!!!! (and dont say life... because that involves sex)
  12. madd foxx

    Chassin' the bordom away

    Im not inside much. During the summer i hit up Howarth park for skim boarding and picking up chicks. And during the winter im up at stevens pass snowboarding and picking up chicks.:cool:
  13. madd foxx

    Borderlands videos HILARIOUS

    Kinda sounds like gir when he gets attacked by that animal thingy.
  14. madd foxx

    Fox tail or ears

    So Wednesday at skool is dress like an animal day and i need to find a tail or some ears that i can get before wednesday. Ive looked on e-bay and craigslist for stuff in or near seattle but couldnt find anything. Any help would be nice, thnx.
  15. madd foxx


    fap fap fap. Mom: WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING IN THERE!!! Child: Using the shake-weight mom, see. fap fap fap Mom: Oh... i, er thought it was... oh nevermind
  16. madd foxx

    *bounces in circles* hi there!

    Yo whats sup, have fun on faf and what not. Im gonna have whatever ur having so ican wake up and get in a better mood.
  17. madd foxx

    Goodbye, focks..

    Yep we send em to Canada
  18. madd foxx

    Goodbye, focks..

    Thats how we do it in America, relocate the problem and let someone else deal with it.
  19. madd foxx

    Collars and your opinion

    I always keep my collar popped. Oops my B wrong kinda collar
  20. madd foxx

    Which mascot do you like better?

    Fenders the OG. And strawberry rhubarb pie kicks your taste buds in the FACE