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  1. Sslaxx

    Foxtail - furry adventure game.

    http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=462503040 - looks promising and charming. Currently on Steam Greenlight. Hopefully they can get it on sale there.
  2. Sslaxx

    Spambots on FA: time to tighten the registration filter?

    http://www.furaffinity.net/user/odlgk/ is the first one. Foxamoore dealt with this one. http://www.furaffinity.net/user/iojdsdsdf/ is the second. Not dealt with as of time of writing.
  3. Sslaxx

    Spambots on FA: time to tighten the registration filter?

    Posted a couple of TTs about it, Nei. One of the accounts has since been shut down.
  4. Sslaxx

    Spambots on FA: time to tighten the registration filter?

    I've noticed at least two spambot accounts on FA the past couple of days posting jeans spam/scam links on random submissions. These appear to be automated, so perhaps it's time to tighten up the registration process?
  5. Sslaxx

    Oslo Explosion & Utøya Shooting

    The problem with that, as this tragedy has shown, is that often they're terrorists themselves.
  6. Sslaxx

    F-List Compromised, Now Offline.

    Yup, definitely agree there. Don't see the name on the forums admin list at least, for all that means. And yeah, he is an FA member. It'd be nice for site owners everywhere if there was a blacklist of dodgy coder guys out there, wouldn't it...
  7. Sslaxx

    F-List Compromised, Now Offline.

    Isn't Zidonuke here on FA?
  8. Sslaxx

    MySQL gets me frisky.

    Anyone else here concerned about what Oracle are going to do with this stuff? Considering its asshattery with Java and Google...
  9. Sslaxx

    Wow Sega, Even Fanmade Sonic games are better then your shit.

    There're other projects out there, too. "Good" is subjective, of course, but among the projects I'm aware of that I consider to be "good", the Sonic GDK looks promising (Unreal Engine 3-powered Sonic anyone?). XG looked good, but is dead (a fate that befalls all too many good Sonic fangame...
  10. Sslaxx

    Requests for practice

    Hello there. I was wondering if you'd like to take on my request, if you're not too busy? I'd like someone to draw my (Martian Ice) Skunk character, Fiona. There are regrettably no pictorial references of her (no artwork, and I have zip artistic talent), but hopefully...
  11. Sslaxx

    The thumbnail code is broken, it seems.

    As per the topic title, and the attachment... it seems someone may've accidentally uploaded their full pic as a thumbnail (hence why the submission was broken too).
  12. Sslaxx

    So who will be dying next?

    Very sad, chrispenguin. He was such a great entertainer and chef.
  13. Sslaxx

    Anyone played Wizardry (specifically 8)?

    Yeah, the game is tough. Actually enjoyed that myself, though, liked the challenge.
  14. Sslaxx

    Anyone played Wizardry (specifically 8)?

    Making your enemies insane is a load of fun! One of the things I like the most about Wiz8.
  15. Sslaxx

    Anyone played Wizardry (specifically 8)?

    Memories. Loved that ol' game! Still play it from time to time, too. Wish someone would make a 9...
  16. Sslaxx

    Registered users only non-adult tag?

    As for an example http://www.furaffinity.net/full/2301856/ - user would like only registered FA users to be able to see their (non-adult) artwork, yet are forced to use the adult rating option to do so. Perhaps add a "General but registered users only" option?
  17. Sslaxx

    paysite censored submissions

    Gets done all the time. Just gets people banned. ...Oh, wait, we're talking art here?
  18. Sslaxx


    Even if the photo were theirs, FA would have to keep legal records regarding any models in the photo, proof of age etc.
  19. Sslaxx


    I'd imagine the various mash of pornography and obscenity laws make it safer to disallow this type of content (e.g. fursuits - if it's worn by someone, how do you know they aren't under 18?). Better safe than sued into oblivion (and put on a sex offenders list). Why would painted nipples...
  20. Sslaxx

    "Do not allow comments" submission option

    Take? That is why it should be for mutually watched/watching people. No system is free from abuse, though, the best you can do is to eliminate the possibilities.