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  1. Halo--Cat

    Hiring: Looking for a couple of commissions

    Offering my services! I can handle the emojis! | T.O.S. |
  2. Halo--Cat

    Hiring: Lf Icon commissions and Ocs for sale!

    If you are still looking for commisions- I do make icons, you can find more info here ; My TOS , along with some examples!
  3. Halo--Cat

    Hi, New to the forums-

    Thanks you so much! Hi, and thank you! ty, so far I do!
  4. Halo--Cat

    Hi, New to the forums-

    Thank you! Thank you! --- so far I like the forums-
  5. Halo--Cat

    Hi, New to the forums-

    Im semi new to Fa, and very new to the forums, hello-