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  1. John Wolf

    Furry Yiffing Artwork

    Hello I would like to know if furry yiffing artwork is allowed to be posted. ?
  2. John Wolf

    Adam Wan's Kineta Deviant Artwork

    Okay nevermind, I thought he was the person who founded this site and no Aden, I am out of the house at work most of the day. :rolleyes:
  3. John Wolf

    Adam Wan's Kineta Deviant Artwork

    Hello, when is our forum founder Adam Wan going to do some more Kineta Artwork. I think everyone has seen her with the Wolves, Alsation and Blue Scandanavian Husky. Though when is our founder going to do some more really cool artwork with Kineta the Husky. ? :D
  4. John Wolf

    America vs Russia

    Neither, though enough of America might survive in post nuclear shanty towns, intact metro stations and fallout bunkers to turn the world into the PC Game Fallout. The leading U.S Goverment might survive if it hides in nuclear bunker and Area 51 type complex, though it would probably turn into...
  5. John Wolf

    Dream job?

    I'd say my dream job is to fly Sikorsky Helicopter, though my realistic one is to work as Electrician.
  6. John Wolf


    This movement follows three paths, the first is for people who want to dress up like their fursonas and show their animal prefered species. The second is for people who want to develop their animal mentality and what they call their mind linking to the animal they like. (thurian) The third...
  7. John Wolf

    wolves in mythology

    The simple answer to this is that wolves in mythology and legends are the bad guys. This attitude stems from the norse mythology of Fenris to the Catholic affiliation of wolves are servents of the devil. However these days they are increasingly seen as family bonding, social animals and...
  8. John Wolf

    Had any memorable dreams?

    I had this dream several nights ago that this zombie disease, the type like the one in day of the dead, was spreading through the world. There was news and panic of it everywhere and lots of stupid people moving around this packed shopping arcade just waiting for the undead to breach the...
  9. John Wolf

    What if furries became maintstream?

    Your talking about furry strap on stuff or Real Genetical Modifications ?
  10. John Wolf


    Yes in deed, I walk around town with this strap on wolf's tail, long ears and ask the public to scratch my ears. lol (sarcastically)
  11. John Wolf

    We Want Our Guns Back...

    Canada's rather repressive on Gun Rights, it's like the slightly less authoratarian version of the UK, and there are plenty of other reasons people should be allowed to have handguns/rifles. I say never trust the modern liberals, what they really intend is opression and control.
  12. John Wolf

    Furry in the... afterlife?

    From my experience from odinism it was worshipped by the danes when they invaded England and they sacrificed groups of captured prisoners in blood drinking and shield banging with sword ceromonies. There's also the fact I know well that most Nazis want to go to Valhalla where they can then...
  13. John Wolf

    what is the latestest time u can go to sleep at?

    The Latest I am allowed is first to 5am when it is like weekend off, then from 5am-7am with no significent sound from my PC. Then I can last till about 7pm in the afternoon. Usual nights I stay up until about 2am, though I am looking for more work again, thus I have lots of (whenever you want)...
  14. John Wolf

    Furry in the... afterlife?

    That depends which ones and they are pretty much keep out forever offences. :p Lesser atheist's meaning you change your mind about God, when your dead is welcome through. Pagan's as I said depending on what your religion is, if your like some new ager, druid or something similar, then your...
  15. John Wolf

    We Want Our Guns Back...

    You can probably trust The ATF under The Republican Goverment, though never trust it within one metre while the democrats are in power. Since I've just realised this thread is more in relation to English Gun laws, I can tell you they are some of the worst in the world in terms of freedom. Some...
  16. John Wolf

    Would you get a tail?

    Yeah, though only if many other people in my area were signing up for this tail. Though I'd rather they focuss on inventing some artificial gene in your body that makes you 100% resistant to radiation and is inherantly passed on to your children.
  17. John Wolf

    Furry in the... afterlife?

    There's Heaven and there's large signs up near the entrance gates saying keep out/ faggerts, islamic terrorists, peadophiles, demons, nazis, communists, dedicated atheists, serial killers, satanists and pagans depending on the moral standing type of their religion. :) Lesbians and bisexuals...
  18. John Wolf

    What Anime do u watch?

    I've seen Patlabor, Patlabor 2, Dead Space Downfall, Highlander, Wolf's Rain, Monster Rancher and The Animatrix.
  19. John Wolf

    i can talk to god and so can you!

    You can always talk to God, he just doesn't give an damn anymore about anything in this world.
  20. John Wolf

    We Want Our Guns Back...

    The Country Like The United States Of America, should have guns rights, then that keeps, the left liberals from turning it into some sort of faggertised police state.