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  1. Mavu-chan

    Weed. Good or bad?

    Weed smells like shit. If you have to smoke, smoke something that doesn't smell like ass for Christ's sake. Or if you have to smoke weed, at least wash yourself so that your smell is tolerable.
  2. Mavu-chan

    Why Do These Outages ALWAYS Take Longer Than Estimated?

    Do it yourself then.
  3. Mavu-chan

    What are things about the fandom that drives you nuts?

    You know, I was just saying this a couple of hours ago IRL. :I
  4. Mavu-chan

    first time with a tail in school

    I used to wear some pretty stupid shit around in high school, and even in college, and while I didn't really have too many problems, I grew out of wearing my silly little 'things'. I know better now, and wouldn't do something strange like that except on occasions that call for it, like cons...
  5. Mavu-chan

    Favorite Obscure Animal

    Yay for adorable tentacles!
  6. Mavu-chan

    Favorite Obscure Animal

    Vampire Squid(Which actually looks like an octupus but I'm not a scientist, so whatever >.>) Or Nautilus :>
  7. Mavu-chan

    Furfags by age

    Going to be 21 in a few months, anyone wanna come get REALLY WASTED with me? XD
  8. Mavu-chan

    Furs By Species 2

    Thylacinid- Thylacoleo Carnifex '3'
  9. Mavu-chan

    Difficulty drawing certain furs?

    Can't draw bug faces. XP I'm confident in my ability to draw anything else though.
  10. Mavu-chan

    Famous artists?

    I noticed it too, but man, just make friends with cool people, not just people with good art :P
  11. Mavu-chan


    I dunno, man. I dunno. I draw 'em cuz their shape is different and I normally draw humans, so I like the challenge their anatomy gives me. Also, I still like drawing chests. I draw them the same no matter the species- I add/remove/change things around the chest.
  12. Mavu-chan

    I has a Question about markings!!!

    Seems to me that markings mean different things everywhere and to everyone
  13. Mavu-chan

    lol speciesism?

    Everyone's a little bit specieist. It's only natural. I mean, I have favorite animals- Snakes and cats get special treatment from me, along with people with unique or interesting 'sonas. That's not to say I treat anyone badly, I just play favorites ;3 Also, yeah, canines are unoriginal to me...
  14. Mavu-chan

    Furries on Weird, True and Freaky.

    In the end though, everyone is really weird. If they just focused on other things, they'd seem just a odd, and that's just how it is. They like to think people who aren't members of certain 'fandoms' are what we would call 'normal'(normal being a relative word) and those people would never act...
  15. Mavu-chan

    Donation Banners Wanted!

    Well, if I can get some good art worked up, then I'll donate a banner to the cause, since I cannot afford to donate a buck T_T
  16. Mavu-chan

    What do furs do as jobs IRL?

    I work at Hardee's. At least until I get another job and/or get out of school. I'm studying to be an illustrator. Hopefully a medical illustrator, and eventually a concept artist. Again, hopefully.
  17. Mavu-chan

    Using the word furry when referring to any anthropomorphised character.

    I dunno, I just figure... why bother getting pissed of and ranting on the internet? It really hasn't changed much yet, especially on a forum like this one >: I like to just live and let live anyway.
  18. Mavu-chan

    Something I've never seen!

    I've tried to draw a platypus anthro, but it always turned out looking like a retarded duck >: No luck here.