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  1. berniethebongo

    Furaffinity FORUMS Facebook group?

    I think it would really cool!
  2. berniethebongo

    Roses are red, I'm fluffy, please love me

    I like "Fluffmaster." X3 And to the Furry Fandom (Fluff is welcomed here)
  3. berniethebongo

    Odd Fursonas

    Any odd fursonas out there? I have seen shark fursonas but what about other fish and I don't see Crocodiles or snakes often. Do any of you guys have strange fursonas? What do you count as a "strange fursona?" I don't count my fursona, a Bongo, as a strange one but more uncommon because a...
  4. berniethebongo

    Any Bizarre Fursonas?

    My fursona is a Bongo and most people in my school don't know what that is! I wouldn't call it strange but it's rare!! XP
  5. berniethebongo

    What's yours?

    Who and what is your fursona? :D
  6. berniethebongo

    Hey everyone. (:

    Hey :3
  7. berniethebongo

    tiny question

    I don't see why not. Those good poses to picture your fursona. Just hope yours is a dog XD
  8. berniethebongo

    Good Fursuit Makers

    At some point I would love to buy a fursuit of my beautiful Bongo fursona, but there are so many fursuit makers out there. Is such a thing as a bad and good fursuit maker and is there any thing I should be looking for when wanting to buy a fursuit? Thanks!
  9. berniethebongo

    lefty or righty?

    I am a righty but I could have been both if weren't for the public school system
  10. berniethebongo

    What's with the Stereotypes??

    It's ironic that you are on a furry website and you are hating on furries. Those people crack me up!! XD You're just trying too hard.
  11. berniethebongo

    Do you talk to animals, your pets ect.

    Don't be too worried about it, I think every pet owner does it; I do a lot. I do it because sometimes they are the only creature around to talk to and sometimes I feel like they are the only thing that understands. I also think your animals understand you some what but they probably don't know...
  12. berniethebongo

    What's with the Stereotypes??

    That makes sense, and people are scared of different things so they make fun of it. It is also dumb how that 1% makes all the difference. I have never seen the 1% effect a fandom so much like the Furries.
  13. berniethebongo

    What's with the Stereotypes??

    That sucks for the rest of the sane individuals.
  14. berniethebongo

    What's with the Stereotypes??

    Hey guys, I am sort of new to the furry fandom and I am curious why there are SO MANY stereotypes towards the Furry fandom. This is such a rich fandom and I am so confused why so many people hate on it! Help? :?: