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  1. Ahriana_Thorn

    Taking nsfw requests~

    If you're still doing this, I'd love to throw my two girls into the mix, they can be done either NSFW or SFW honestly. Ehris: Melantistic (Black) Jaguar. http://www.furaffinity.net/view/8951483/ (NSFW) Ahriana: Arctic Fox. http://www.furaffinity.net/view/9046719/ &...
  2. Ahriana_Thorn

    Free Sketches

    I have two girls I'd love to throw your way for consideration if you don't mind. ^.^ Thanks in advance for lookin' and (maybe, if ya do) pickin' one(or both). Ahriana: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/9046719/ & http://www.furaffinity.net/view/9578133/ Ehris...
  3. Ahriana_Thorn

    2 free icons.

    I'd love to scoot my Vixen your way for consideration. http://www.furaffinity.net/view/9046719/
  4. Ahriana_Thorn

    Freebies (Color Sketch / Headshots ONLY)

    I'd love to throw my girls and my Mate into the mix (he only has an Icon for the moment, I hope that's alright.) Ahriana:http://www.furaffinity.net/view/9046719/ Ehris: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/8951483/ (Nipplage, Mild NSFW) Joseph: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/9340738/
  5. Ahriana_Thorn

    Free Doctor Who Furry badges

    I'd love to request one for my boyfriend if I could? He's a HUGE Dr. Who fan (we both are but the butt head needs more arts). I don't have much by the ways of visual reference (just an icon), I hope that's not a problem. Icon: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/9340738/ He is a Black Wolf, 6'1" in...
  6. Ahriana_Thorn

    Doing some NSFW sketches

    I'd love to offer up my characters (and my boyfriends, because he has no say in what I do involving his). My boyfriends ref is written, I hope that's okay. And I also have 2 characters who I don't mind being thrown together and either can be with his. If you work well off written descriptions...
  7. Ahriana_Thorn

    In the holiday spirit..

    Could I request something for my Boyfriend? He's new to furry and doesn't have much time to scour sites to get requests done so I'm trying to help him get at least one picture of his Fursona. It's a written description, so I hope it's alright. I'll post the full F-list info he provided and then...
  8. Ahriana_Thorn

    NSFW Sketch Request Thread!

    Yeah,sorry, been working and haven't had time to check this thread out. I added in more detailed character bios for my girls as well as the pictures I do have of them in case you wanted something to look at instead of going just off the descriptions. I also threw in abrief explanation of my mate...
  9. Ahriana_Thorn

    NSFW Sketch Request Thread!

    I'd love to throw my girl(s) into the pot, but first I was wondering if you can work off of written descriptions? If so I'd love to offer up my Fox (and my mate) or my Jaguar for a BDSM sketch. They do have one image each already, but I love seeing what people come up with from the descriptions...
  10. Ahriana_Thorn

    I'm uninspired and super tired (taking requests)

    I was wondering if I could throw my two girls, Ahriana and Ehris, your way. I have written descriptions for them, because I enjoy seeing the different interpretations people come up with, though I do have some art done by others if you would prefer that. Ahriana (I'm looking for am Anthro/human...
  11. Ahriana_Thorn

    Arts for you.

    Thanks so much Ausren. I love it. ^.^
  12. Ahriana_Thorn

    Boop boop taking a few requests C:

    If you'd let me I'd love to throw Ahri and Ehris your way for consideration. Maybe some cutesy head shots or whatever you'd be interested in if they happen to catch your eye. I don't have visual refs, so I hope descriptions are okay. Ahriana Thorn – Character Page (Journal on FA) -- Maybe in...
  13. Ahriana_Thorn

    Two Characters: Refs, Sketches, Lines

    Hey there everyone. I'm currently in need of ref sheets or some sort of images for two characters of mine, my poor girls seem a little "naked" with just descriptions and, for the life of me, I can't draw for squat. The designs/characters are a bit more complex than most seem comfortable with to...
  14. Ahriana_Thorn

    Arts for you.

    Well, I'll throw Ahri and Ehris your way still and, if they don't get grabbed, I'll just wait for your next round and try again. ^.^ Thank you for letting me toss 'em up here. Some of the info is just silly things I added on, like the "tattoos", not necessary in the slightest. Ahriana...
  15. Ahriana_Thorn

    Arts for you.

    I have two fursona's I like to throw your way, but I don't have any real references for my ladies and I'm not sure if you can work off just descriptions or not.
  16. Ahriana_Thorn

    Need practice: Taking requests! Simple doodles

    I'd love to offer up my two girls for some doodles. Ahriana: She has icy white fur, with a light gray patch on her stomach, black socks on each paw and dark red tips on her ears and tail. Her fur has the soft silky texture of the Arctic fox, but the sleek and tamed appearance of the Red Fox...
  17. Ahriana_Thorn

    Free feral ref

    I have two characters that I wouldn't mind seeing a feral ref of, if only for color reference. Don't feel obligated to do either one, but I'll throw them both your way for consideration. Character Name: Ahriana Thorn Images(if any): N/A Description: An Arctic & Red Fox Crossbreed. Dark Grey fur...
  18. Ahriana_Thorn

    Doodles for You!

    If you're still doing this I have 2 OC's I'd love to throw your way for consideration. Pin-Up style please, not too picky about Clean or Adult, but Ahriana is more of a "modest" kind of girl (meaning she'll walk around naked in the safety of her own home or read her books or play video games in...