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  1. iBurro

    Assassin's Creed 2

    I'm actually really excited about it. ^^ Listening to all the interviews with the producers and such, it's looking like they're going to completely scrap the repetitive gameplay elements of the first in favor of a more story-driven experience. They've also added a bunch of things that will prove...
  2. iBurro


    - Yet another call-on-the-phone-ophobic, but it's usually because I misunderstand people and end up telling them something stupid or incorrect. ((Especially with names. >_< If someone asks me about person A, I'll sometimes think they mentioned person B, even if the two names sound NOTHING alike...
  3. iBurro

    avain fursonas??

    Once upon a time I wanted my 'sona to be a gryphon. Does that count? BD I also have gryphon characters.... And beaks are more challenging to express emotions with, but since I focus on the eyes and body language more than a set feature, I don't find it too difficult.
  4. iBurro

    A bugging question:

    Why? Why not? It's no different than trying a completely different dress style (punk, goth, preppy, etc.) except that you can't wear it every day (well, I suppose you could... that'd be pretty fun, actually.) -shrug- That would be my response, anyway.
  5. iBurro


    I have no children and no desire whatsoever to have any. =_= My genes are fucked all to hell, especially in the mental department, and there's really no need to create another when there's plenty of humans to begin with. ...Searching the deepest confines of my soul, I find that I don't need...
  6. iBurro

    What's Your Sexual Preference?

    I'm asexual. :B No interest or desire in the romantic scene, never have been.
  7. iBurro

    Where are you?

    Hell. c:
  8. iBurro

    What species are you? *improved poll*

    I'm a donkey. :B Don't see many of them around, but I fit the bill pretty well.
  9. iBurro


    Donkeys are rare enough, so I do tend to impulsively click on art that has them. xP I hardly ever favorite it, though, unless the quality of the art blows me away.
  10. iBurro


    http://rynnay.deviantart.com/art/Tutorial-Basic-figure-drawing-106873904 ^ It's not the most detailed, but it's easy to follow and has helped me a lot.
  11. iBurro

    Starting up my research again

    I guess I'll help where I can; I'm not what you'd call an ideal model for a furfag, though. xP
  12. iBurro

    Have you ever felt guilty for creating art?

    I only feel guilty when I go through my old sketchbooks and find all the bloody/suicidal/violent stuff I used to draw. But then, it was draw it out or act it out, and I much prefer that I did the former. So, uh... yes and no. o3o
  13. iBurro

    Character Design?

    Form follows function. I don't like to give my characters useless accessories/limbs/etc., because I feel it detracts from their character; at the same time, I prefer to give my characters things they'll need or else the same thing happens. Think about the world/universe they live in, and what...
  14. iBurro

    What "made you" furry?

    Awesome. BD ....Then I don't really know when. o_O I guess my first fursona popped up around 2001, when I was trying to find a way to keep my ugly mug off the web. My current one showed up around a year later.
  15. iBurro

    What "made you" furry?

    I am. o_o I am a burro. But I am not furry? Define furry.
  16. iBurro

    What "made you" furry?

    I don't like yiffy art. I guess I'm not furry. So never. C:
  17. iBurro

    Sparkle dogs?

    They remind me of my Neopets days, back when being creative was actually a good thing. Such bitter-sweet memories... In general, I really don't like the style unless the artist knows what rules they're breaking.
  18. iBurro

    If you woke up and EVERYONE was furry

    It would be... interesting. Lots of people would wonder why the hell they're suddenly a poodle/crocodile/etc., but not really know the significance of it. Others, i.e. furry haters, would probably shave, cut off any odd/extra limbs, and go about life as a very sad...
  19. iBurro

    Does your fursona...

    Yup. If I wasn't a human, I'd probably be my fursona. -shrug-
  20. iBurro

    Admit it, you chuckled at Spongebob Squarepants (seasons 1-3)

    The first and second seasons were actually pretty funny. Now-a-days, though, I'm sick of it. =_= They've drug it out for way too long.