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  1. Mikasi

    Question: upcoming Furry cons

    I know Midwest Fur Fest is held around the Chicago area. If I remember correctly, it's in November.
  2. Mikasi

    Oklahoma furs?

    I'm certainly going to try to make it if I can get the time off of work. It's an away game for O.U. that weekend, so I might just be able to do it.
  3. Mikasi

    Furry Cartoons / Anime's

    Wolf's Rain is an excellent series, though the last few episodes are way sad.
  4. Mikasi

    Oklahoma furs?

    If you have any questions or just feel like chatting, feel free to PM me or add me on AIM or Yahoo.
  5. Mikasi

    any new suits making there frist run at a con?

    I haven't attended yet but I hear it's a blast. Furries camping in a state park over Halloween weekend. Sounds like a recipe for a wild time to me. I'm going to try to make it this year if I can get the time off work.
  6. Mikasi

    Ears+Tail to Ren Fest?

    At the Ren fair near Oklahoma University every year, there are people who go dressed in full suits and there are even furry art booths. Goldenwolf was there last year selling tons of prints and shirts. You'll get looks but I doubt you'll run into any negativity. I say go for it.
  7. Mikasi

    Oklahoma furs?

    There are three cab companies in Norman and two in OKC. We do pretty good business, especially since the gas prices have gone up.
  8. Mikasi

    Old to furry, new to FA forums

    *snickers* Ah, I see now. It can be read either way. Hunting through their own belongings for steak to give out or distracting others with steak while rummaging through their stuff. And here I thought DarkTalbain was the resident frisker ^.^ Sorry for the bum rap!
  9. Mikasi

    Old to furry, new to FA forums

    You loot the coyote and find: 28 gold A bottle of tequila A cookie A steak and all of your belongings...
  10. Mikasi

    Oklahoma furs?

    I run a cab company in Norman and OKC, so I'm usually zooming around all over the state (or country) for one reason or another. I had to go to Denver a couple of weeks ago to retrieve one of our cars. Was up near Edmond earlier this evening because one of our cabs got sideswiped on the interstate.
  11. Mikasi

    Oklahoma furs?

    I'm a Navy brat, born near Seattle. How my parents ended up dragging me to Oklahoma, I'll never know. At least Norman is a pretty cool place with the university and it's an easy drive to almost anywhere in the state.
  12. Mikasi

    When Furry Goes Wrong

    Hey! It's The journey to the West! One of the great novels of classic Chinese literature. The monkey is Sun Wukong, the pig is Zhu Bajie, and the river ogre is Sha Wujing. These three protectors help a Bhuddist monk, Xuanzang, travel west to India to obtain Sutras, in order to atone for their...
  13. Mikasi

    Would you die to save 100 people?

    That largely depends on the means of death. If it were seducing and sleeping with a real life jackal-morph for days on end while these innocents escaped his or her evil clutches, then finally dying from extreme physical exertion, then yes...yes I would ^.^ "Death by snoo-snoo!" -Futurama
  14. Mikasi

    Who here has pets?

    I've got one dog. He's an Akita mix named Kiba. Kiba when I first brought him home: Kiba grown up and lazing about:
  15. Mikasi

    Old to furry, new to FA forums

    Now it feels like a forum ^.^
  16. Mikasi

    Saddest movie moments

    The saddest moment I've experienced theater wide was when Wash died in Serenity. There wasn't a dry eye to be found on opening day with all of the Firefly fans attending.
  17. Mikasi

    Saddest movie moments

    Sam's death in I am Legend is the saddest movie moment I've ever seen: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KOGug3SXWDY
  18. Mikasi

    Old to furry, new to FA forums

    Hello all! This 'yote has been around the fandom for a while but I've recently decided to be more social for a change...largely due to being promoted at work and now having a ton of free time on my paws ^.^ Feel free to chat me up.
  19. Mikasi

    Furs by state/province/other (NEW AUTHOR)

    Norman, Oklahoma
  20. Mikasi

    Oklahoma furs?

    Furs in Foster? Wish I'd have known that when I was driving through there twice a week for work! There are plenty of us in Oklahoma. You just have to hunt for them if you're not living in Tulsa or OKC.