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  1. SpiralHorn

    Need 2 roommates for AC2013, 4th-8th at Wyndham.

    Cross posted from the AC forum. My friend and I just booked a room with two beds at the Wyndham. We're looking for two more people to stay with us. We'll get there in the afternoon on Thursday and check out Monday. We're charging a rounded up 150$ USD per person for the whole weekend, to...
  2. SpiralHorn

    Advice on TOS?

    Is that legal though? Wouldn't I have to give a reason? Oh of course! See, I'm glad I asked... I didn't eve think of that.
  3. SpiralHorn

    Advice on TOS?

    I was wondering if anyone would be willing to read of my TOS and give me some pointers? I just want to make sure I've covered everything important and that I won't be screwing my customers over in anyway. Thanks :) TOS is here.
  4. SpiralHorn

    Personal anthro reptile/other anatomy references (big project)

    Here's my gallery for this account http://www.furaffinity.net/gallery/spiralhorn/ And my adult gallery http://www.furaffinity.net/gallery/centerfold/ Not much in either of them, if there is something specific you would like to see from me (for example, how I draw herp feet) don't hesitate to...
  5. SpiralHorn

    Your favorite western cartoons

    Of course, I grew up on them. It's a good show, definitely more down-tempo than the originals but that's one of it's perks imo. It's more like a sitcom than a cartoon I guess? There are little things here and there that I love... like Porky being an accountant, Daffy is a total shit head, and...
  6. SpiralHorn

    Interesting, maybe disturbing, facts

    Ooh... I've been reading this book on the history of homosexuality in human societies, apparently this used to be very common world wide until western missionaries did everything they could to stamp it out. I guess the idea that semen is the direct cause of masculine traits makes sense if you...
  7. SpiralHorn

    Why are so there so few flamingly gay furries?

    From what I understand, the Castro is a fairly isolated and concentrated community. It would make sense that there would be more people in the "extreme" end of things there.
  8. SpiralHorn

    Your favorite western cartoons

    I feel like I've watched all of the good shows out there and there's nothing left. I was just wondering there's anything I'm missing that you would recommend? Please no anime, there are already a ton of threads dedicated to anime and I'm not interested at all (please respect this and don't try...
  9. SpiralHorn

    Arts for you.

    Can you draw a nyala? The only markings that matter are on his face: three dots on the cheeks, the white chevrons below the eyes, and the white around the mouth. You can just do a bust if you'd like. Front view. Side view.
  10. SpiralHorn

    Post your furry code!!!

    Loooool virgin tag.
  11. SpiralHorn

    Free Art (that is free)

    I'm interested, but is it free? I just want to make sure that it's free. Can you do and anthro Nyala wearing cyan shutter shades? The pose is up to you. http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/d/d5/Nyala_Male.jpg
  12. SpiralHorn

    Open for TWO head shots.

    Ok, I really want to get started on these now, and since you're the only three that responded, I'll just do all of you. I'll send all of you notes on FA (now that we can, yay). I'm going to close the thread, but I'll re-open it if I decide to do this again.
  13. SpiralHorn

    I Broke FA!

    Lol, I just checked my most recent submission (on my adult account) that I uploaded about an hour before the crash. Almost 500 views :D I guess people are bored and are just browsing through everything that's stuck on the most recent upload pages.
  14. SpiralHorn

    Recent musical discoveries

    I've been getting into trip-hop, future beats, post dubstep type stuff. Found some awesome artists on Bandcamp. My favorites are XXYYXX, Sun Glitters, and Ghosts. Also Blue Foundation, who I found on Youtube. They're a little different though, probably more "old school" style trip-hop. Yeah...
  15. SpiralHorn

    Critique on lighting?

    Oh yes, I know what you're referring to now. I do tend to add those in, I kind of just slapped the ground shadow in without worrying about the details in it yet. I sometimes do have a hard time with that though, I don't always know where there would be bounce light, and where it would be really...
  16. SpiralHorn

    I want to draw ponies...

    If you're still doing these, I have a zorse character. http://www.furaffinity.net/view/8632970/ Thanks :]
  17. SpiralHorn

    Open for TWO head shots.

    I need to work on my process more, and I want to draw other people's characters. My goal is to spend 3 hours on each one, from start to finish. I'm only accepting two, and who I chose would be based entirely on my personal preference. Please don't take it personally if I don't chose you. I...
  18. SpiralHorn

    Interesting aspects about your characters

    Mine is most likely full of stereotypes and cliché. Not really sure. It has the body of a male nyala, but is female and has female genitals. So this with a vagina. This is because I like the way the males look better, and the horns are really important. Spirals are very personal to me and...
  19. SpiralHorn

    An opposite gender equivelent

    I have a male wolf, who is more the opposite of me than he is of my fursona. Not really the opposite either, more like an idealization? He has traits that I admire in people, but he's also kind of scary.
  20. SpiralHorn

    So I hear that some people hate

    I don't hate vaginas, but I do think penises are more attractive. I don't get why people hate on genitals. I dunno, maybe it wouldn't be an issue if we weren't taught to be ashamed of them.