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    Post your favorite dumb phobia!

    Spiders. Nothing else. Maybe flat earth believers too, but mostly spiders. Even If it's tiny weeny spider.
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    Your best and worst moments in the furry fandom.

    Worst : When people talk about porn. Best : When I realized I wasn't the only french furry lol
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    When and how did you discover you are a furry?

    I just found out I was a furry yesterday lol. I was just browsing internet and stuff and I found a video about furries and I because I was bored, I decided to watch it cuz why not. Then, I saw how amazing they were, so then I joined the community. There are really nice people that correspond...
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    Is my character "Cringey" ?

    Also, it's pink wolf named rose that has purple hair and purple ear tufts and purple eyes :D
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    Is my character "Cringey" ?

    Is my character cringey ? Should I make a less cringey one ? Do you think your fursonas are cringey ?
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    Am I uncreative?

    Don't worry my character also resembles me a lot :D I think it's normal.