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    Hey, I'm making a second intro because when I joined the site, I acted like a total and utter idiot and made a fool of myself. I'm going to try this again and not try to be funny or anything like that, because I usually end up failing. I'll probably spend most of my time in the Off...
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    Is this a furry habit?

    That sounds... really unhealthy, especially if you ate dog food on a regular basis.
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    I need an honest opinion, please no flame

    That's kinda confusing. I guess they WOULD if you had them talking or just gave them more human attributes. Otherwise it's just up to the artist.
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    Human hair?

    To me it would depend on the species.
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    Wanted Critique on music

    I went in your gallery and listened to "Sifting Through Time." Great song. I'm no musical professional, so I can't really give any critique, but you've got a great sound going there :D
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    Furries And The Media

    XD That's why I don't even get myself involved in those discussions. It's not worth the time nor the energy.
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    I Pity The Fool

    I only read it once. Copy and Paste is my friend. XD
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    Furries And The Media

    Has anyone else noticed that trolls and basically all of the media focus on the bad part of the fandom? I've even seen someone say that "furry" was a type of mental instability. It really annoys me. There's got to be a way to change that. On second thought, worthless post is worthless. :D I...
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    I Pity The Fool

    I lose it everytime I log in DX
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    Underused Species (What HAVEN'T you seen?)

    The Hyrax. There's nothing more unused than the Hyrax.
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    I Pity The Fool

    Did I even post this right? Probably not. Alright, so I'm like, new on FA, I think. I have a story about how I joined. It's very interesting, almost like watching grass grow or paint dry or an obese person gain weight. One day, it was a day. There was a leprechaun, who was a leprechaun...