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    Anyone interested in artrock?

    Alright....I posted up something....and ten minutes later...someone posted on it... "wow. i skipped from :40 to 9:40 and missed nothing. thank you Kent Jennings. O_O" Uncalled for...really
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    It seems that nobody cares about the bass guitar anymore

    WELLLLLLLLL WELL!.... SAMBA TIEM, BABY! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PC20X0DKsqo&feature=channel_page sry...had to do it.... and I care about bass...I play it...it is beautiful and I would give myself to my bass if it was anthropomorphic! *humps his bass*
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    The technical aspect of musical instruments

    Basically....if your a music tech-head like me, your gonna wanna work in a music store...even if it's just for a summer or so...you learn so much about the instruments by fixing them, it's insane....Personally, i think percussion instruments are the most interesting of all instruments, and not...
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    Anyone interested in artrock?

    Being a lurker here on FA has not been something I am proud of.... It's not due to unproductiveness as it is more of a fear that people won't care about what I post. Currently, I'm one of the lead members of an art rock group, called Pablo Nachozzz, which has been put on hiatus over the...
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    Marilyn Manson

    What I think is interesting is that the polar opposite of Marilyn Manson, is Michelle Malkin...and they both have the same initials......Verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry interesting, very interesting indeed XD
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    Sampling in rap.

    Lol, while I feel differently, I agree with this whole-heartedly :)
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    Sampling in rap.

    But what feeling -does- it have?
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    Sheet music, or from your mind.

    I can match any rythm by ear and get it down perfectly to the last grace note, but I can't do tone for shit. I literally need everything to be written out for me when I play tenor drums. >.<
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    any Jazz fans out there?

    Lol, I was waiting for someone to mention the contrabass...that thing was a -bitch- to fix XD
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    Sampling in rap.

    "If people start hitting a drum well enough, they start calling it an art" Yes, it is. Why do you think John Mayer has such good beats, even though his drum set player is playing such a simple beat. This is what I'm saying. The feeling behind it can never ever be recreated by a machine, unless...
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    Any of you guys musicians?

    I'm a drummer, been one for 11 years, 12 in another couple of months. I play bass a bunch, but I'm a bass "owner" not a bass "player, if you know what I mean. I play keys every so often and I do a bunch of session running for other musicians, and I've stayed away from bands mostly. I'm basically...
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    Sampling in rap.

    I understand the idea that music is there for the listener, and I'm happy that people listen to machine made beats if it's what they like. But to me, it's not art. And yes, because it's not acoustic. But not for the reason you think...I have Reason on my desktop right now, and i use it to lay...
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    Drum Equipment

    I'm no expert, but if your in a buying situation, I can give you some pretty accurate advice based on the make, model, and specifications. I'd be happy to help! :)
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    any Jazz fans out there?

    I am a fanboi of jazz...i cosplay as all my favorite jazz musicians and then I have sex with other cosplaying jazz musicians for fun! XD But seriously...I worked in a music(instruments and sheet music) store as a tech...a taste for any and all jazz is a necessity. I just hated getting into the...
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    Put me onto anything with GOOD drumming

    Al Jarreau has some good Gadd grooves Stick to your Chick Coreas and Steely Dans, anything with Steve Jordan If your looking to comp a groove, Cameo's Word Up is a nice challenge if your looking for a feel challenge. If your looking for something other than funk and jazz, try something...
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    Sampling in rap.

    I have to disagree with you. I've been sitting on the cutting edge of drumming for a while. Yes, there's still a cutting edge, as we all saw when Johnny Raab started playing full Jungle/D&B grooves on an acoustic kit with only a set of sticks and a hand cymbal. (which is insane) I'm in an...
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    Sampling in rap.

    I'm gonna have to disagree, i feel that art is something that flows from the inside to create something new, not Frankenstein pieces of original art to create your own. No offense on my part, i just feel that what you do isn't exactely art. And it's not because i feel that it's not creating...
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    Your top 5 Drummers

    You've all failed me as drummers. Only two references to Colaiuta, one to his work with megadeth. Come on....alright...lemme break it down for you... 1. Colaiuta 2. Gadd 3. Purdy 4. Weckl 5. Jarzombek I pick Jarzombek because I know him a bit, and I know that he writes everything he...
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    Furry music? Does it exist?

    I am officially in a band again, and I'm suggesting furry lyrics, so we might get some references. Our band rocks, our guitarist is a genius and our bassist was trained by the best.
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    Need some art done.

    well, if i made any transgretions, i apologize in full. I also forgot to say a few things, i made the post quickly, i had to go to a show (heh, ironic much? I was drumming) I am in the wrong here.