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  1. Z

    What weapon does your fursona use?

    sits down with a 50 caliber , a flame thrower , ak47 with hallow point bullets , titanium teeth a fur suit of armor , and the power to suck life out of anything that comes cross in his path
  2. Z


    im a german shepherd / half wolf and lycan i want to stand out from the normal fursonas
  3. Z

    This or That Thread

    drive cause i can control if i was going to get into a accident or not and i would drift my car slide ways (drift thing) drift it or slide it
  4. Z

    Post Your Crazy New Year's Stories....

    things were starting off to a great start i got to see the one i love and hangout with him then he was feeling sick so we ended up partying with my mom her husband and thier friends and it all ended in a disaster from there i ended up passing out and getting woken up to a loud get the fuck out...
  5. Z

    Double ABC game

    kurupting kopz
  6. Z

    Trying to start a comic series

    i cant see anything
  7. Z

    Chuck Norris' tears do not cure cancer.

    hes still around ? talk about washed up
  8. Z

    Skills and or Abilities?

    firing skills, drifting car skills , rat rod skills , modeling skills, singing skills, and the skills to look the best as well
  9. Z

    Double ABC game

    hollester hated
  10. Z

    Freaky furry masks

    i want one then i could look more like a freaky person
  11. Z

    So... what did you get for Christmas?

    a new fur jacket , pants , zoo york shoes, cash , blue tooth , and shirts
  12. Z

    Pizza - What's Your Top?

    dont care for it its nasty to me 0_O
  13. Z

    Straight, bi, or gay

    im bi in reality as well but this shep can go for one fur and one only
  14. Z

    Are you a virgin?

    you know this shep loves you
  15. Z

    Where do you live?

    so california 909 soon to be 816 cause im getting out of here
  16. Z

    This or That Thread

    drunken rilvor just cause it sounds cool hot and spicey or cold and hard
  17. Z

    This or That Thread

    ultralisk even though i dont know what that is but just sounds good to me patron or jack daniels
  18. Z

    Chuck Norris' tears do not cure cancer.

    o that chuck norris hahahahaha
  19. Z

    Extreme furs

    we have to go do some paint balling sometime foggy i would really love to with you
  20. Z

    what's your job?

    i do alot of things act , build rat rods, model , and do odd jobs as well rite now just looking for a great career