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    Coca Cola

    Regular, because I am young, can tolerate high fructose corn syrup, and am fortunate enough to have a metabolism that lets me eat whatever I want. :D I'm not particularly chiseled, but I'm six foot (well, closer to 5'11", actually) and weigh 140 lb., so I'm far from large. I don't need diet...
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    What is your sexual orientation?

    I's pansexual (better described as panromantic, but eh, splitting hairs there). I like to describe my sexuality as follows: no barriers, no hard lines, no black and whites, but there are gradients, shades of grey, and even COLORS! Because, you know, like/dislike just doesn't cover the variance...
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    Is Ubuntu better then 7?

    I personally use Ubuntu. I've never hit a snag that I can't fix... though I will say outright that I could be the exception to the rule. First off, my dad is my own little tech-support division; if there's ever a problem, he knows exactly what to do to fix it, because he's been running Ubuntu...
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    The Critique Thread (May/June)

    First critique: Promise Second critique: White Avalanche Title: Consanguine Description: A novel written to see what I can do with the generic idea of "wakes up as a furry," mostly a huge experiment in style and, thanks to my lovely unreliable narrator, full of psychological study into what...
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    hot dog or hamburger ?

    NEITHER! :D But if vegetarian alternatives count, then a veggie burger. :3 I dun eat anything that's more closely related to me than reptiles or amphibians.
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    If you use it, why do you use firefox?

    I use it for aesthetic reasons; I love having a browser that actually fits the dark theme I have for my window border. :D I'm fond of dark color schemes. It preserves my night vision for those late-night surfing bouts.
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    Would appreciate test readers

    Alright, well, I'll try my best. It's just that the story is much more complicated than I feel I can convey properly. And also there are lots of very important points that are supposed to be surprises. DX One day will forever be remembered by the world. It's completely ordinary in every way but...
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    Would appreciate test readers

    Sooo, I have a novel that I wrote. XP I'm starting work on a second, unrelated novel, but that's not the one I want to talk about. I did post it to another forum in hopes of readers to give me critiques so I can prune and edit and fix whatever needs to be fixed, because I really do want to send...
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    New Icon

    I... have no avatar. As can easily be seen. Soo, since I'm not exactly artistically inclined, is there anybody out there willing to draw me one? I'm a panthox, with black fur and a red undercoat and a muzzle between fox and cat. Longer than a cat's, but broader than a fox's. My ears are...
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    What kind of "fur" are you?

    Lifestyler: even though I don't so much act furry in public, I'm not a hobbyist, I'm not a fetishist, and I'm not really in it for the art. *shrug* I just mentally see furries the same way normal people see humans, so that probably means I'm a lifestyler.
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    The manly men topic

    As for which I am, it depends on your consideration of manly and girly. If having long hair and not having particularly prominent muscles (they work perfectly well, mind you--and you don't need to be too strong to fight well anyway) makes you a girly boi, I suppose that's me. And I make a few of...
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    "You're Not a Furry Are You?"

    Hm... I don't think anybody's said something along those lines specifically (I beat them to the punch of exposing the unusual things about me, so they have no pleasure in pointing it out to anyone since I don't deny it.), but if someone I didn't know walked up to me and said "You're not a furry...
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    Confused: Gay, Straight or Bi-?

    I have mostly avoided confusion by saying I'm pansexual. In all truth, I am pretty much whatever the hell I want to be at the time. I could even "choose" to be asexual, but I don't see the fun in that. Life is too short not to have sex. And I am an ACTUAL pansexual, since I would definitely love...
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    Furry Batman?

    Robin always reminds me of an owl, for some reason. But, considering his name, the best bird for the job would be a robin. The Joker would be interesting as a cat; the Cheshire cat springs to mind.
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    Fur Name/Identity Crisis. (Of sorts.)

    I see no reason not to keep the same fursona and change her name. *shrugs* I personally have been using the name Shomti for years and it's not going to change, but if I were in your crisis I'd do what I always do for original names. Pick something about the character, describe it in a word, and...
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    Request: What PhiPaw Design do you want?

    Heh... well, I've got lots of characters, so anything you put together would be great. Foxes are probably going to be requested by someone else anyway if that original isn't (I don't pay too much attention to paws >.<), and since foxes are the second most personal fursonas I have I'm pretty much...
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    Sly Cooper Vore story Idea

    Hm... well, I'm not one for chewing, so if that's what you're looking for I'd rather not. But I do know a lot about the games, and I can write that genre well (last I checked, it's been a while and I may be rusty), so maybe I'm your guy. :) Mind you, I'd prefer to swap crushing the binocucom in...
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    Is Anyone's Fursona Not Muscular?

    I have multiple characters, many of which are exactly what a single fursona is to most people. Most of these characters are idealizations of myself, of course, so they're either lithe (strong, and slim, but not exactly muscular, like me), or they are in fact lightly toned. I like to have my...
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    "I'm more evil because..." (May be NSFW--check local statutes)

    I'm more evil because I honestly believe that restricting other people's freedom is the best way to assure your own. Of course, I'm not evil in my own mind, but...
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    Words the fandom perverted

    Like everyone else, yiff, knot, all sorts of those things. But also... Vore, macro, micro... that fun stuff. :3 And the pronunciation of come, which I often get confused when I hear someone say "Hey, come over here" or something like that. Not to mention that people often don't even realize...