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    Second Life Question(s)

    wrong place to post (fyi) but I'll answer 1. I suppose you need "parental permission" if you don't have a credit card or debit/checking card of your own but just tell them it's a game, kinda like warcraft. it's kinda true no? 2. I doubt it's due to the credit card but just in case see if you...
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    Do anthros have pets?

    do you mean pet as in like how humans keep pets or pets like serviant willing slaves? Well actually both are kinda common. I mean I have pets and I've seen other furs in comics and stories who have lesser animals as pets. Lesser meaning of course not as evolved, think how people keep primates...
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    onstar and GPS

    Really? o.=.O never thought of that XP
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    onstar and GPS

    I've got a gps, a kinda old one but it works... kinda I think it has some kind of beta AI cause it likes to play jokes on me "exit interstate 84, on the right, drive 5 miles, reenter interstate 84 on the right" WTF?! then there's the time it said I was driving through cornfileds off the map...
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    power struggle (I love my laptop) </3

    Unfortunatly for me buyinga new laptop would mean going out and getting something superpowerful and will last 5 or 6 years, till when they make computers that you inject into your bloodstream and brain. I'm looking at alienware but at $2300 for a system I like I get the feeling that there's...
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    Boot Loop 2: Bill's Revenge

    UGH!... not this shit again... ok I can do this all I need is my little boot disk and... wait? where is my boot disk?! AGH DID I LEAVE IT BEHIND WHEN I MOVED?! OH NOES!! ya, that kinda sums thigns up. I'm at school 2 states away (/13 hours/$120 in gas/ 1 lost weekend traveling through the...
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    Is your avatar gender your gender in real life?

    My main fursona is male yes but... my secondary character is a hermaphrodite. Rose is a sweet gal if you ever get to meet hir.
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    Chokers keep coming up? waht are those exactly? can't any collar be a choker if the first eyelet is still a little tight like my collar is? *gasp* which, fyi, is the big reason I don't wear my collar as often, draggy has a thick neck.
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    power struggle (I love my laptop) </3

    well unfortunatly for me in this area I only know of the best buy/geek squad outlet. I took it to them and showed em the little internal metal tag that should have a bit of plastic on it and explained to them that the plastic came off, now it won't stay in, and will not charge. They said "ok, we...
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    power struggle (I love my laptop) </3

    apparently 3 years is the approximate lifespan of a laptop, or maybe just this one. Right now I'm having a little issue with the power cord where it plugs into the computer, it keeps falling out. I'm assuming that hte connection has worn loose and the quarter pount of duct and electrical tape on...
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    Pending Legislation : You Will Lose All The Rights to Your Own Art

    now that I think about it, doesn't this sound like mob tatics? We have to pay for protection on our own works. It would be a government enforced "offer you can't refuse" kind of thing.
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    Pending Legislation : You Will Lose All The Rights to Your Own Art

    Ok.... 1. I doubt it will go through but 2. I hope it does not go through, if it does... 3. there's a little clause in the US constitution to overthrow the government, if that fails 4. hello Canada!
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    On the hunt for some fursuit parts...

    welp, all I can say is visit the sites of any/all fursuit bulders you can come across and inquire. Don't be suprised if you never hear back from some. Over the last summer I sent out a few emails to builders looking for an orca tail and finally got one reply from prettypervy. least I got...
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    Saints Row 2

    For what it's worth I bloody, foaming at the mouth despise, rap music! But I love Saints Row; good game so I'm waiting for the next one. Fortunatly for me the game starts where the last one ends and I could not be happier. In this round you are, much like myself at this point, out for blood...
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    fighting the system: web blockers

    wikipedia links huh? I doubt it'll work on this system since my main routine is google cache' but I'll try it
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    fighting the system: web blockers

    Ugh! I swear... my campus recently switched web blockers and boy its a doozy. It's like the freaking matrix, it learns... Oh yes. Incidently my normal routes and ways around the older system are pretty useless and after about 2 visits to any site that can be labeld as of an "adult nature"...
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    The Far Side

    Gary Larson had a major theme in his comic series; the seeming endless stupidity of mankind despite all his achievments and seeming superiority of animals. However mans superiority over animals is an illusion he often falls back on. Animals are smatter than they appear your honor as exhibits A...
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    Your personal philosophy/motto

    now a little contridiction: they say that only the pure of heart can make a good soup Bullshit I say! I love Doug Winger and by God I can make excelent soup! seriously, I go to kookin' skool
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    Putting dogs down :(

    my one surviving dog nearly passed away what would have been just months befre we let out older dog go. she had an infection in her uterus. at her age(12-13) the chances pf survival were 50/50 but being that she was my dog and very heartbroken made the decision for surgery, luckily my family...
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    Wandering eyes

    taking a tip from my IPC (interpersonal communications) class I tent to look people in the... face. I can't look people in the eyes, but I will focus on that mole or pimple they don't think I see. Boobs? Come one, that's a dead give away. I like boobs as the next straight or hetro man does but...