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    Are the furry stereotypes true?

    Every sterotype has some truth and with the furry famdom the "sterotypes" come from the people who could care less what people think and go out and openly share thier off color actions for all to see. And when the media gets involed it's all about getting people interested so they will stick...
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    I need critique/advice on this ^-^

    I've seen a lot worse first time full bodies then this. You have potential, keep at it and don't give up! You have a very cute style so you might also wanna trying drawing chibies, it's a style that has a lot less detail and is great starting point when it comes to "anime" styles. Like I said...
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    Xin Chow the Chow Chow!

    For now I'm just goin to put up a text description untill I get a ref sheet made. Feel free to tell me what you think I'm always looking for feedback! And if anyone out there would be interested in drawing me a ref sheet send me some examples of your work and I'm sure we will be able to figure...
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    Waz up

    Waz up guys and gals? Im here to get back into to the furry world after years of actively being apart of the community. I had a pretty bad falling out due to work, school and a lot of other crap... But, everything has cooled down and I've started fresh with a new and improved fursona and FA...