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  1. Gyao

    Fursona's | Adoptables | Extras

    When I was browsing around on FA today, I noticed a few nicely drawn adoptables... And being the shopaholic I am, I instinctively found myself reaching for my e-wallet >_< Then I realized, why do I even want more characters? So yes, my question (finally~) What do people do with their additional...
  2. Gyao

    Outdated/Upgraded Fursona's

    What do you guys do with art (of your fursona) that's outdated? While I figure there's no standard practice when it comes to this, I figured I'd throw my question out there anyway. To elaborate; Lets say my fursona is a red wolf, however after much thought and consideration I want to color...
  3. Gyao

    Any furries in Perth Australia?

    Okay, well.... wow Here's a thread I thought would never exist xD My PS4's collecting dust at the moment, and I'm as dis-attached from the furry world as humanly possible in the real world. But I suppose I exist? I'm kind of curious to see if there's any others though. Never seen anything even...
  4. Gyao

    How to get his place in the fandom?

    Maybe it's because it's not a troll post, and actually reflects how a lot of people are perceiving this thread? I contemplated backing up each of my points with a quote from the last 5 pages, but then figured; "Why bother?" You're clearly not going to listen. In closing (since I can't be assed...
  5. Gyao

    Am I a furry or not? really emotionally torn

    What the others have said, though I'll emphasize a bit more on the girlfriend part. Your girlfriend doesn't need to be a furry, in fact she doesn't even need to be the nerdy type. My partner isn't all that fond of gaming, and yet they're okay with me playing games online. On the flipside...
  6. Gyao

    How to get his place in the fandom?

    I don't have any furry friends either... but admittedly making furry friends isn't really on my list of priorities at the moment, or any time in the foreseeable future. That's not all that important though since this thread isn't about me. It's about you DrakEmono, and I'll respond to your...
  7. Gyao

    A problem with emergency commissions

    Haha xD Well to be honest, I wouldn't accept that as an excuse either. Since an artist shouldn't be accepting things they don't want to draw. If you accept to draw it, you accept to draw it. And sh!t characters aren't a valid excuse to not provide what was promised. Commissions should be flat...
  8. Gyao

    A problem with emergency commissions

    Hmm if you put it that way, I suppose it is kind of insulting to think that someone would put up a YCH, and then lose motivation to draw the moment they see your fursona xD To clarify my position, I don't mind waiting several months for a piece to be completed. I don't even care if the artist...
  9. Gyao

    Anyone else having Facebook problems right now?

    It's more than likely someone on Facebook's end if things are working and not working at random intervals. Either that or your ISP's doing something wrong. Either way, ignore it tonight and move on. There's really not much that can be done about it.
  10. Gyao

    Is buying kid's picture books for the furry art creepy?

    Oh? So something like Self: *Buying condoms* Clerk: *Looking at you funny* Self: "It's okay they're not for you, relax~" ? xD
  11. Gyao

    Is buying kid's picture books for the furry art creepy?

    What KittenAdmin said... Though I'm more concerned about why you needed to provide your full name O_o Unless you need ID to buy picture books xD Personally I would have felt a bit anxious as well if I got asked for my full name when making a standard store purchase. Not because I'm doing...
  12. Gyao

    Making Friends

    Haha, thanks for the interesting response xD So the mentality is; get a lot of fishing rods, and hopefully a tasty fish will bite on at least one of them? xD I'm not introverted, but I'm probably not 'seeking' things so much that I'd consent to subjecting myself to that. Sounds messy, and...
  13. Gyao

    Why do furries discrimante?

    In response to the initial topic. I'm sure it's been answered before, but it's a simple matter of "feeling better by putting others down." I've never met anyone that's openly furry where I live, but you use it within all other aspects of society. Most people have a tendency to perceive something...
  14. Gyao

    Making Friends

    I'm curious as to how people within the furry community make friends. First and foremost, I should probably state that I'm not looking for 'friendship offerings' since I'm not that desperate... yet (Just kidding). I wouldn't mind them of course, but that's not the objective of this thread...
  15. Gyao

    A problem with emergency commissions

    Frankly speaking, artist should be prioritizing work in the order it was commissioned. I can understand the artist going off and doing one or two other pieces if they're not feeling motivated... But if it's been more than a month I expect the artist themselves to send me an update on what's...