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  1. RomanRottweiler

    Custom Canine-based 'adoptables' - can be used anywhere! $2

    This is a template that is going to be used for some wolf adoptables I plan to release (obviously the template has been altered to fit my character Snowblind). Each adoptable will cost $2 each and can be customised to any character. The background will be transparent, meaning you can post them...
  2. RomanRottweiler

    Looking for anthro/nonanthro artists

    I have dropped you a message via your MSN email address. <3
  3. RomanRottweiler

    new wolf on the block

    Welcome! ^_^ -Wave wave-
  4. RomanRottweiler


    Welcome! -Hands over a bag of cookies-
  5. RomanRottweiler

    Free conbadge (art posted!)

    Thank you ever so much! She looks fantastic!!!
  6. RomanRottweiler

    A new dog in town!

    Welcome! -Woof- <3
  7. RomanRottweiler

    Paying well for good comissions

    I am interested in this if you are still looking for people ^^ I am open to price changes also. My work can be found on my FA account http://www.furaffinity.net/user/romanrottweiler/
  8. RomanRottweiler

    Heya All ^^

    Welcome! ^^ -Hugs-
  9. RomanRottweiler

    Hello, Another fox here ^^

    -Waves- Heeeey! Welcome <3 -Hands over a bag of candy-
  10. RomanRottweiler

    A new pup in this Dog Eat Dog World

    Eee, welcome -Wave wave woof- <3
  11. RomanRottweiler

    Hi all ^^ I am new here.

    Eee, thank you all >D -Gnaws on the nuts- I am sure I will love my stay here, you are all so friendly <3
  12. RomanRottweiler

    Hi all ^^ I am new here.

    -Tackle hug- Thank yooou <3
  13. RomanRottweiler

    Free conbadge (art posted!)

    Re: Free conbadge Eee, I would love it if you could draw Asylum for me. She is a Rottweiler/Striped Hyena mix. Her markings are pretty simple, she has the usual brown Rottweiler markings upon her chest, muzzle, arms and legs (as well as the spots above her eyebrows). Her main skin colour...
  14. RomanRottweiler

    Hi all ^^ I am new here.

    Thank you <3
  15. RomanRottweiler

    Hi all ^^ I am new here.

    -Gnaws on and enjoy's- Thank you very much, I am sure I will >D <3
  16. RomanRottweiler

    Hi all ^^ I am new here.

    Thank you <3 -Tackle hug-
  17. RomanRottweiler

    Hi all ^^ I am new here.

    -Waves- Hello all, I am new to this place and just wanted to say hi to all you lovely people out there >D It would be great to make some new buddies <3 I also wanted to see if anyone lurked here from various other places <3 And if so, I would love it if you stopped past and said 'hai' <3 ^_^...