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  1. Simbabite

    Does anyone round here fancy an IM rp?

    60 characters? huh dunno if I could keep up with paragraphs, but I'm always looking to sharpen my rp skills. If you want, I use MSN.
  2. Simbabite

    What do furs do as jobs IRL?

    I'm self employed as a flooring specialist. Marble, granite....
  3. Simbabite

    Furry Music Videos =3

    Dex is epic furry win http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VBpX41MI8Lw&feature=channel_page
  4. Simbabite

    Are you a furry? And why not?

    I'm a fur cuz i want to be. It makes me feel good. Other furries are cool to talk to. I love furry art and stories. I too purr and sometimes growl in RL. lol
  5. Simbabite

    Do you prefer clean or porn art?

    Both, but the erotic has to be good. Like jump off the page good I guess. Hey, sex sells right?
  6. Simbabite

    Furry Survey 2009!

    Thanks fur posting it. I voted =^_^=
  7. Simbabite

    Why did you choose THAT fursona?

    I'm a lion because it matches my personality rather well. I'm lazy, I'll sleep most of the day away if i can, I like the night, I don't care what others think of me, (lions don't seem to care about anything but just being a lion) I love being a carnivore, I've loved The Lion King ever since it's...
  8. Simbabite

    Furs by Area Code

    928 fur me
  9. Simbabite

    Furs by state/province/other (NEW AUTHOR)

    Bullhead City, Arizona
  10. Simbabite


    I'll be 31 this September, been a furry since i was 15 or 16 and I still havent lost any love for being a furry. I'll be a fur till I die!
  11. Simbabite

    What species are you? *improved poll*

    Lion, so 100% feline baby!
  12. Simbabite

    Hey, a new cat here

    Nope, can't say that I have heard of them sowwy. Thanks for the warm welcomes guys!
  13. Simbabite

    Hey, a new cat here

    Hello furry friends Just want to introduce myself, I'm a 30 year old lion in Arizona. Been a fur for quite some time and heard about this site from a fellow lion i know. I am looking to make some new friends here. Oh, and i love everything Lion King, hence my name. I don't bite though really...