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  1. Grazer

    any .NET coders or scripters or even C++ coders

    just want to know if there is some coders on the forums. if so how good are you can you past some of you're work . a project i work on a simple css name stealer if (cVarMan.var_namestealer == 1){ // Get the player info of the current target. Hook.Engine->GetPlayerInfo(index, &pinfo)...
  2. Grazer


    HELLO and welcome to the party -grazer
  3. Grazer

    Hey, Good Afternoon from me!

    Hallo, and Welcome
  4. Grazer

    new member

    hmmm i hate reply buttons ...
  5. Grazer

    new member

    hello, im a danish drawer- and mini programmer. hoppy : create cheating software, drawing. about me: want to show my work to the interwebz ,i do not only draw i also like to program cpu-C chiptune's and other funny stuff. for some reason i was in love with the furry drawing and now i draw by...