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  1. x_panther

    Does anyone think my custom style is good?

    its very... Simpson'esq... could develop into a very interesting style, you just need a touch more work. :) dont give up!
  2. x_panther

    Can we get a little lienient in the Adult Fursuit Section?

    yeah spendy bastards arent they? ive been trying to keep quiet since i made my piece back on page 2 e.e
  3. x_panther

    Can we get a little lienient in the Adult Fursuit Section?

    i know im getting into the game way late but i have been trying to read up as much as possible and i feel i have sort of come to a consinsis about what the overall argument. i had asked a simple question to dragoneer earlier through furnet and it led me to reading as much on this threat as...
  4. x_panther

    What weapon does your fursona use?

    apparently you havent heard any of the flamewars :P
  5. x_panther

    Animal Jokes (sorry if it was already posted)

    its sorta animal related XD a judge walks out of his chambers, his robe partially unzipped as the bailiff calls the empty courtroom to order. the judge plops down in his leather chair and looks at the bailiff at the back of the courtroom "im at a loss, my schedule for today is missing. call in...
  6. x_panther

    VA furry website!

    and here i was thinking 'cool a site for furs that are Military Vets' XD silly me
  7. x_panther


    Fur Affinity: United dragoneer's furry convention named after fur affinity XD
  8. x_panther

    disillusionment, inquiry

    just because you go to a spicific high school doesnt mean you know/click/talk/understand everyone, some you might and others you might despise for taking the air your breathing. but at least you understand we are all furries ... welll... to some extent XD
  9. x_panther

    Should I be Afraid?

    *headhurts* ummm... care to restate that initial post? x.x; no comprende
  10. x_panther

    Whats Your Fursona's Favourite Food/Drink?

    my fursonal favorite drink is a Lemon Long Island Iced Tea XD (lemon juice instead of pineapple) and food is gotta be a hot dog (not for the food itself XD more for its teasing factor it can be used for :P )
  11. x_panther

    she wants to know

    blame kage :P
  12. x_panther

    Furry Trading Cards!

    *chuckles* yeah id like someone to collect them all XD :P
  13. x_panther

    she wants to know

    i think Uncle Kage said it best: or something to that effect XD there was a clip of it on youtube but i think the AC board ordered it removed because its comercially available material for AC09
  14. x_panther

    happen to know any furry or even anyone in north korea?

    i know three escaped NK furs. one of them is really hard to understand with his accent sometimes, but he did say 'i always furry, just not know it until in Washington' XD
  15. x_panther

    What weapon does your fursona use?

    girlyboy panthepuss looks best with either a thi-chi sword or his favorite two Titanium Carbon Nitride finished DesertEagle .50ae. XD little boys, big guns! XD
  16. x_panther

    Forum Prediction

    i will say yes for the simple fact that i wont have an extra hour at night to go through the forums after reading 90+ journals XD
  17. x_panther

    Favourite furry/scalie bits

    its aaaalll about the butt XD *koff*
  18. x_panther

    Good or Evil?

    he's so good hes evil XD
  19. x_panther

    How big is your anthro/furry/yiff folder?

    i am a master archiver x.x; im like one of those vampires that to escape you throw a bag full of nails on the floor infront of me you would be able to get away while i picked up ever last one of them x.x; total archive 3.9gbs including images, flash, videos, audio, and photographs Edit: oh...
  20. x_panther

    What type of Car/Truck/Motorcycle does your Fursona Drive?

    depends on what job hes going to *chuckles* lipstick pink 1999 Porche 911 Carrera or midnight purple 2008 Aston Martin DB9 but most of the time he doesnt drive *smerks* others are driving him XD