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  1. Kemmy

    sly.is.hip - [â–¡] (first "official" release!)

    Thank ya kindly! Yeah ambient/minimal/down tempo isn't everyone's cup of tea. I will admit to being quite proud of it, couple years in the making. Putting it out was a nerve wrecking thing, as releasing anything may be no matter the art form. Regardless, thank you for the listen(s) and...
  2. Kemmy

    sly.is.hip - [â–¡] (first "official" release!)

    Stumbled my derpy self back over here and realized I never did share my EP/release with ya'll. SO HERE WE GO sly.is.hip - [â–¡](Bandcamp) it's also over on soundcloud (go for the bandcamp, it's higher quality!) It's pay-what-you-want, so go get it for freeeeeee (or not.) Been out for...
  3. Kemmy

    An Album? By Me?!?!!

    Looks promising!
  4. Kemmy

    Musicians: Post your latest song submission!

    Figure I'll bite; this was the majority of my day: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/10311203/
  5. Kemmy

    Digital Audio Workstations, which one do you use?

    Kinda why when people ask me for recommendations for a DAW I tell them to try them all before sticking to one. Different DAWs workflows work better for different people. and ugh, jelly; totally want Pro Tools 10, but money. I hear amazing things.
  6. Kemmy

    Digital Audio Workstations, which one do you use?

    Almost necro'd. I started off with FLStudio but couldn't wrap my head around it; found a comfort zone with Ableton Live so I stuck with it. Been thinking of making a move/also using ProTools, mainly because industry standard and all first post in forever, first post on the blue note...
  7. Kemmy

    Graphic Designer Wanted

    I'm willing to help out. Here are a few examples, a sample business card and logo I've done for some other people. Sadly, I seem to have misplaced examples for brochures, flyers/posters, and letterheads/envelopes. As for prices: Business cards/Letterheads/Envelopes are usually $25 - $30...
  8. Kemmy


    First of all.. HEY LOOK IT'S JASON! *waves* secondly, how about little interactions, that'll give the feeling of one character's emotions towards another, like at some shop or something... I dunno, just throwing stuff out there
  9. Kemmy

    Free Commission Available! [Contest!]

    Entered.. doubt I was the *first* xD but worth a shot love the comic by the way!
  10. Kemmy

    Accepting requests *Closed for now*

    Take your time ^-^
  11. Kemmy

    Poll time! :)

    Lion, Wolf, Cheetah Bottle, jungle, bamboo
  12. Kemmy

    If you had the chance to be a real fur, would you?

    If given the option, I'd take it in a heartbeat, it'd be like living a great dream. Of course there would be those that would be uncomfortable being around me, possibly excommunicate me; but I'd be happy! As happy as.. well, a happy fur xD
  13. Kemmy

    Accepting requests *Closed for now*

    RE: Accepting requests I suppose I could ask for a request. Mind doing one of a boring 'ol lion-anthro? I can get a description to you by PM. I'm thinking an inked piece, doesn't have to be colored, that's fine.
  14. Kemmy

    what furry are you ? * points*

    Arctic wolf/Cheetah hybrid that got bored and dyed his fur blue, eye's are red.. because i forgot why :'
  15. Kemmy

    Furry Webcomics.

    ooooooo! Can't forget "Fur-Piled!" http://www.liondogworks.com
  16. Kemmy

    New Furry Video Site - Fursecution.net :3

    hm... all links lead to a 404 error page, and the videos will not load/play. Is there some sort of down time at the moment?
  17. Kemmy

    Furry literature??

    I suppose you could link to my FA page. Name... um... Full name is Makoto Kemono, but people just call me Kemmy.
  18. Kemmy

    Furry Webcomics.

    Geeze.. I have a few but I'll just go with the ones I keep up with on a weekly basis. http://www.concessioncomic.com http://endofthings.comicgen.com http://floppitycomics.xepher.net
  19. Kemmy

    Furry literature??

    http://www.renardsmenagerie.com/ http://www.furrag.com http://www.baddogbooks.com Those are the only ones I can think of
  20. Kemmy

    Yiff! The Furry Musical

    God YES! "Yiff!" I had found about it a few months ago, and was surprised that not many people had heard of it also. I must say, gotta love Jade xD My favorite songs have to be "Mr. Fussy", "Wolves in the Forest", and "Checking Out"