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  1. Jaska_Sam

    Hiring: Looking for Outfit Designs / Refs. $20 - $30 per outfit

    Oh! Besides kemono I've never designed for scalies owo! But- maybe I can help! I'll talk to you on Discord! °^°/
  2. Jaska_Sam

    Hiring: [Closed] Coloring of kemono lineart (20€ - 50€)

    Maybe I can help! ^^ my discord name is Jaska_Sam#3754 and my email is consuelotkmcodi-2@hotmail.com :3
  3. Jaska_Sam

    Hiring: (Closed)

    Maybe I can help? ^^ I can offer you the same amount of things you have on your original ref sheet (front (with nsfw ver.) back version, headshot and close up to detaills)~ I have a more kemono style so idk if it fits him but I'll let some samples ^^ feel free to send me a message to my DA...
  4. Jaska_Sam

    Hey there! how' you doin? ^w^/

    Hey there! how' you doin? ^w^/