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  1. Krayvor

    How did you come up with your furry name?

    Had a variety of names for myself: Raizu, Kaido for examples, but neither seemed all to great to me and came up with Krayvor, no reasoning it was just a name that came to mind. And as for the lat name for the sona just stuck with what it has been for the other names, which was Kagurai...and I...
  2. Krayvor

    PS3 PSN Gamers

    Michael_Uchiha Mainly play Destiny, Borderlands 2, CoD Advanced Warfare.Guys and girls welcome to add and play any of those with me. Also play Dead space 3 and various other co op/competetive Mp games.
  3. Krayvor

    Hello, Hoping to fit in

    My name is Michael, and my fursona is a hybrid of a wolf and a dragon named Krayvor. Came here hoping to find some friends and people with similar interests as me. Im a gamer at heart, spending alot of time playing on PS3 or doing a little bit of programming since i went to school for computers...