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    Request: An OC of mine

    The new reference isn't loading under files, so here's a link https://www.furaffinity.net/view/47150014/
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    Request: An OC of mine

    That's the head. The black dots are nostrils, while the blue visor-like thing is her eye/photoreceptor, hence the blue eye reference. The pink, green, and dark orange bits are clothes, while the band around the base of the neck is necklace. Here are a couple of references to her species for...
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    Request: An OC of mine

    Wondering if anyone would like to draw this OC of mine. Her name is Lebeviun, also known as the blue eye of Miir, a model from my setting. Anyone who would like to draw her is welcome, whether SFW or NSFW, though mentioned that you are before doing it/ask for details, since there's more to her...
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    Looking for help/artists on an idea (NSFW)

    Hey. I recently logged in here to ask about something since I didn't know where else to go. I'd a couple ideas revolving around a visual novel series called muv luv, that I would like to see come to life, so I'm asking/seeing if anyone has an interest or the ability to work on them. They...