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  1. Oxa

    Furs by Location v5.0

    I'll be in Texas for awhile. (Lewisville, TX) I might return to Florida sometime.. if I go back to Florida it will be next year or the year after.
  2. Oxa

    -So Bored-

    So...bored. Anyone local to Lewisville, TX? -.-; I want to go swimming or hiking or just go somewhere on my days off from work and meet other furs. Unfortunately, the entire state of Texas only has two websites for furries. Lonestar Furs isn't really working too well, I don't really...
  3. Oxa

    FWA 2011 Recap: Includes Attack Of The Show Footage!

    Hello! I chose FWA as my first convention ever. As most of you know the theme was 'Furries In Wonderland' and Attack of the Show bought into the convention as well. I had a lot of fun, but a few of the artists said it wasn't as good as FWA 2010. I enjoyed it though. If you'd like to see footage...
  4. Oxa

    Better animation software, also tips and hints

    Gif Movie Gear has onion layers... But only for the 'align/ move frame' feature. Which is decent for correcting jittery animation caused by *minor* parts of the image such as feet, moving out of the line-of-motion.. What would be really nice is if a program had onion layers for pixel editing...
  5. Oxa

    Hello... SAI isn't working with my tablet?

    I updated the driver, and restarted my computer. I noticed when I use the tablet, the water color tool is acting more like a Blur tool. It doesn't do much, its barely noticeable, and sometimes I doubt it is working. However when I use the mouse and water color, it works like it should. Maybe...
  6. Oxa

    Hello... SAI isn't working with my tablet?

    I have SAI, and every tool is working with my Wacom Bamboo tablet-- With the exception of the Water Colors tool. Which is not working with my tablet. It won't put any colors down on the canvas, but when I switch to mouse the mouse will. What gives. I feel like ripping my hair out. I've...
  7. Oxa

    Call of Duty: Black Ops

    I heard it's really buggy on the PC, but on the PS3 the only problem I've had is the host leaving when they begin to lose...
  8. Oxa

    PS3 PSN Gamers

    My PSN: MarblCake (PSN inspired by Fat Princess); I also have Super Street Fighter IV. Thinking about downloading Warhawk. I'm waiting for the new Ghost Recon and Twisted Metal, I won't buy COD until the new one comes out. Same with Rock Band, there's a new Rock Band 3 coming soon, which is why...