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  1. Kiva

    What art software do you use to make digital art?

    I'm winging it with a combination of SketchBook Pro 2010, PSE6 and Inkscape. T-T
  2. Kiva

    EA releases a DLC for Need For Speed World at $100

    So they're trying to replace how much skill you have by how much money you have? I keep finding more reasons to dislike EA.
  3. Kiva

    What are your favorite "furry" video games?

    Gosh, I haven't really played any game yet that has an anthro style I actually enjoy. But as far as games that have anything to do with furry characters go, I'd pick Smash Bros despite the fact that I only play as young link/toon link and not Fox or Falco.
  4. Kiva

    How do you make your line art?

    Thanks, I'll try them out.
  5. Kiva

    How do you make your line art?

    The pony one made that post automatically awesome.
  6. Kiva

    How do you make your line art?

    Its the full version.
  7. Kiva

    How do you make your line art?

    Is that hand-drawn or does it use some form of stabilizer? I can't draw a perfect line to save my life. Also, would "aspect" "stamp spacing" or "stamp noise" have any affect on the outcome? My version (Sketchbook Pro 2010) lacks those options. It's probably something I just need to really work on.
  8. Kiva

    How do you make your line art?

    I'll have to try OpenCanvas and use SAI a bit more once I get Windows or a PC with Windows.
  9. Kiva

    How do you make your line art?

    Thanks for all the responses! I have this weird method right now where I use a custom tool in sketchbook pro, take that, trace over my original sketch and then trace the bitmap in inkscape with specific settings. This is what I get using my icon: http://f.cl.ly/items/2x1V2B1Z2V1o0v36301W/k.png...
  10. Kiva

    Any good (still-running) Furry webcomics?

    I want to know of a web comic that doesn't start with "I've lost all my memory and I don't know who I truly am!"
  11. Kiva

    Housepets - Webcomic

    I read it and kept up with it for some amount of time but eventually stopped after several months ago.
  12. Kiva

    How do you make your line art?

    Alright, so I always see artists that post amazing, well made line art. Often times multicolored, varying in width, and lacking any bumps or jigs that may be caused by the natural error of the amateur human hand. What methods do you use to make your lines?
  13. Kiva

    The fandom will ruin your life

    When they do disgusting things to each other in fursuits publicly.
  14. Kiva

    Sonic Fans

    That and Sega's constant promise of "this is going to be just like the old games! *cough* with 20 more useless features".
  15. Kiva

    Sonic Fans

    I haven't been on FA forums for quite a while, and seeing that it's late, I'm too lazy to read other people's opinions. The reason I find 70% of Sonic fans intolerable is because of the artwork. Characters made of noodle arms, an oval belly and oddly shaped heads and eyes is highly uninteresting...
  16. Kiva

    Lakers win.

    Where is the THIS button?!?!
  17. Kiva

    digitigrade and stairs?

    Heh, I randomly walk digitigrade sometimes on rocks, hurts with my new shoes though (so I stopped ). When I walk up the stairs, I skip a stair between each step...
  18. Kiva

    Lombaxes are fucktarded

    Ratchet has a weird face.
  19. Kiva

    Found this on youtube...

    I'm off faf for a week or two and something actually happened?
  20. Kiva


    I fear offending people by mistake. :|