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  1. Devia_Luna

    Group Account Feedback

    Well the only thing SheezyArt ever did well was their handling of groups, so I'd suggest glancing at it. However I don't think the groups people are members of need their own slot on the person's page. Takes up unneccesary space.
  2. Devia_Luna

    Adorable $5 supercute 'Bowf' Commissions! (Click for Pics!)

    Thanks, love. <3 I forgot I had a forum account. xD
  3. Devia_Luna

    Remove favorites?

    I completely agree with this idea.
  4. Devia_Luna

    October Contest Winners

    Sweet action guys! =D
  5. Devia_Luna

    October Contest Winners

    Erm, is Farfums (second place winner) supposed to be the same as Narfumms (third place tie-er)? The link to both is the same.
  6. Devia_Luna

    Oklacon is upon us!

    I'm still too poor to drive the 83 miles... Maybe next year now that I know about it!
  7. Devia_Luna

    Tampa Furs?

    Dude, seriously. We wanna find people to party with! =D
  8. Devia_Luna

    Need Help with Construction - Alien, LONG Fingers...

    Hmm... Well, we are working on a bit of a budget, so that my not be feasible, but it's a great suggestion. Thanks! ^^
  9. Devia_Luna

    Need Help with Construction - Alien, LONG Fingers...

    So a friend of mine is going as a character from his novel called Wraith. He's human, but one of his hands is abnormal, with extraordinarily long fingers - something like this: The main part we're having issues with, obviously, is how to get the fingers to be able to move. They're going to...
  10. Devia_Luna

    Looking for anthro/nonanthro artists

    I'm pretty good with anthro art: furaffinity.net/user/devialuna
  11. Devia_Luna

    Paying well for good comissions

    Hey, if you're still open: furaffinity.net/user/devialuna