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  1. Safiir Riskovat

    Traditional Fullbody, Waist-up, Chibi, and Chibi character study

    Hello Everyone~! What I will draw : Couples - M/M F/F M/F Tasteful nudes & Pin-ups Furry & Human/humanoids Original Characters Fanart Gore/Macabre What I will not draw : NSFW or revealing private areas Hate art If you want the piece delivered to you, Shipping Fee is $2; Please let me...
  2. Safiir Riskovat

    Favorite Youtubers

    Game Theory because I'm a dork Rooster Teeth because of RWBY Youtube gamers like Markiplier, Jackcepticeye, Nico B, and NateWantsToBattle...their expressions are priceless~ Matthias because he is a dork Team Edge because sillyness is awesome Let's dub project because games being dubbed by voice...
  3. Safiir Riskovat

    I can finally post things. Yay~!

    I can finally post things. Yay~!
  4. Safiir Riskovat

    Hi everyone~! ^W^

    Hi! Thanks!
  5. Safiir Riskovat

    Hi everyone~! ^W^

    Hi! I'm human and I rather be called Katsuya or my fursona's name. My fursona, Safiir, is a Cadejo, which is basically a hellhound from central america. So imagine an anthro dog with hooves and small horns on her head. ^W^ I've stumbled upon this site from FA when I noticed that it had a...
  6. Safiir Riskovat

    Traditional Watercolor commissions!

    Hello~! ^W^ Here's the link to my prices: www.furaffinity.net: Saving Up! Traditional Watercolor Commission! by Safiir_Riskovat Please check out what I can and cannot do on the description box below the prices and note me if you want to commission me! If you have any questions, let me know! I...