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  1. Thorne

    Bug/Site Problem: Broken watched submissions page

    Hi, I have 44 new submissions but I can't see them. When I click on it I get this; Totally blank, tried deleting cache, no joy. Thanks.
  2. Thorne

    I need some honest advice about conventions

    Hi, I'm attending my first con next week. I'm really looking forward to it, I even have a fursuit ready, but I'm a bit worried about something. I'm female, 17 years old and 5''2 tall, and I'm worried I suppose about some of the things I've heard from other girls about what can happen at cons...
  3. Thorne

    Anyone know?

    Does anyone know what percentage of furries own a suit? I know surveys are carried out from time to time, if anyone knows, please tell me. :3
  4. Thorne

    Closing options

    Hiya, I'm making a bodysuit at the moment, and after spending 3 hours hand sewing a zipper, I am really pissed off. The zipper refused to move up and down, got fur caught in it, and was too hard for me to reach and zip up myself. So I wonder, can I use a long strip of thick velcro instead to...
  5. Thorne

    A Very Special Message from Balto Woof

    How do you CLICK a key?
  6. Thorne

    Oh God no, you have to be kidding!

    Does it REALLY matter?
  7. Thorne

    Is my avatar OK?

    Please change.
  8. Thorne

    What was your 1st computer and your current computer?

    My first was a win95... god the good old days. I have a win XP now.
  9. Thorne

    What is your favourite weapon?

    Why would I have a weapon? Why does it relate to furry? Why are so many people pretending to know about guns when they are in fact looking shit up on google to look cool? Maybe its because I'm not American, but I really don't see the point in having a weapon. There are other ways to defend...
  10. Thorne


    I heard this weekend.
  11. Thorne

    Against The Grain: Furs Who Break The Stereotypes

    Straight female fur. HOMG. Aside from almost completely ripping off someone elses character, I like to think I'm SOMEHWHAT original. I mean, come on, how many anthro Wyvern are there? Or Terrier characters? Not many.
  12. Thorne

    other than...

    Huh. Thats not what you told me on the "are you?" board when I spelled mis-diagnosed wrongly.
  13. Thorne

    What would you do?

    Go on a crime spree.
  14. Thorne

    The Animal In You

    I'm hoping there are no animals in me, because it might hurt to get them out again.
  15. Thorne

    are you?

    Oh Christ no, wrong spelling? I'm going straight to hell now!
  16. Thorne

    are you?

    I'm not saying EVERYONE. I think too many people are diagnosed with asburgers who have something else that was avoidable/treatable. It seems to be a buzz term, as is "depression." Nowadays when people are down they treat it like clinical depression. I have been diagnosed with mental disorders...
  17. Thorne

    if you could be changed into your fursona would you?

    No, because; 1) I'd be taken away for testing 2) I'd be cold blooded 3) I'd be a horrible ugly freak (in real life, your character wouldn't look all disney anime cutsey-cutsey.
  18. Thorne

    are you?

    I proclaim in my honest opinion, bullshit. I think a lot of the people who have these "syndromes" (Asburgers, ADHD, etc,) were falsely diagnosed. Everyone is going to think I'm a total bitch for saying this, but its just a nice convenient way of putting a label on "poorly raised" or "fed too...
  19. Thorne

    Please use proper English only, Danka!

    Eh, gettae France an' dornt gab shite. Thes is hoo ah pure spick in real life and that man an' aam sae patriotic.