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  1. neelix zidphinlan


    Quakecon! Quakecon! Super Fu$&ing quakecon!!! Only 8 days left. Am I going to be the only fur there? l:3 If you wanna know what it is google it or go to http://quakecon.org/
  2. neelix zidphinlan

    If you were a yiffstar (furry pornstar) what would your yiff name be?

    My yiffstar name you ask? Why that would be BIGRED
  3. neelix zidphinlan

    If given the choice would you become a permanent anthropomorph?

    Fuck yes... And then I would go find All my fav furs and ass f$...... Ok nvm
  4. neelix zidphinlan

    Furfags by age

    I'm 18 yay! Not that many make it past 40 cuz we all die of aids sooner or later Im Sorry if I offended you by the aids joke but it's funny.
  5. neelix zidphinlan

    Which FAFers do you want to see a photo of?

    I wanna see what zen looks like but he isn't rly on faf now is he... LoL I can't think of anyone H&k but he got one up.
  6. neelix zidphinlan

    What would annoy you the most...

    Ugh. This is true. LoL I would
  7. neelix zidphinlan

    Opinions please

    Hey ya know Ive seen worse. It's not the best but it dosn't suck or anything. Just keep it up! You get better as you draw more.
  8. neelix zidphinlan

    What would annoy you the most...

    Yiffy ass rape..... That would be a..... Pain in the... Ass lol but fur would be all over me and the worst part would be the fact that I'm a mix'd newfoundland, and husky, and collie, and wolf..... In matha fukin hot ass Texas. But..... As mega furry fan I am I would still love the idea lol
  9. neelix zidphinlan

    Have you ever heard religious people saying furry is a sin?

    No and if I did/do Get that told to me I won't give a flying F••• all that "sin" bs gets me pissed off. It's like, let me do what I want. It's very nice that you want to help me out and I thank you, but if I don't care about what I do like sin and stuff. And as long as it only if it...
  10. neelix zidphinlan

    If you imagined th grim reaper as a furry what would he look like

    Some thing like this? http://www.furaffinity.net/view/3398813/ or this? http://www.furaffinity.net/view/3323967/
  11. neelix zidphinlan

    Furry pron art, serious discussion

    Re: Furry pron art, serios discussion Agreed. Serious and furry don't work lol.
  12. neelix zidphinlan

    news coverage that doesn't make us look weird

    If you think about it everyone is a freak! <-............................................ . We aren't weird. Just FUCKING INSANE!..... But I don't give a shit cuz this . IS...
  13. neelix zidphinlan

    Quakecon 2010.

    Any one going to quakecon 2010? Just wondering. It's not a furcon but is the best gaming con EVER!!!! 4 days of fun love and rockets! Oh and btw quakecon is 100% FREE!!!! It's in North Texas (Dallas) just go to quakecon.org to get more info it's also a LAN party (every one bring a PC and plays...
  14. neelix zidphinlan

    Are all furries this disgusting...?

    My friend. It sounds like you just went to he'll that night. Did you bleach you're eyes after that, and sleep with a gun? I would. And yea... No comdoms. Spit... *face paw* and ppl wonder why they get aids. Soooo stupid. And no. Not all furs are like that. Witch reminds me I need to...
  15. neelix zidphinlan

    Quakecon 2010.

    Who do I ask? Will it have a better chance to be noticed?
  16. neelix zidphinlan

    Quakecon 2010.

    Well ok, but we can't do anything about that now.
  17. neelix zidphinlan

    Quakecon 2010.

    ZOMG WTF BBQ It don't go in the con section cuz it's not a fur con. It's in the game section cuz ITS A GAME CON!!!!!
  18. neelix zidphinlan

    Furs going to quakecon 2010?

    you don't need a fursuit cuz it's not a furcon. It's a gamingcon.oHo to quakecon.org to fund more. ps it's free and you can go for a day or ALL 4 DAYS!!! I didn't do that cuz it's not a furcon soo.. Aw well. I didn't understand a word you just said...