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  1. LilSprite

    Selling simple commissions, any are welcome!!

    Sketch - Headshot $5 Sketch - Full Body $8 +$3 for characters with Wings/Extensive Details. Icon - $12 Flat Colours - $18 +$10 for characters with Wings/Extensive Details. You can message me on my furaffinity page: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/lassyfenn/
  2. LilSprite

    Elder Scrolls Online Furry Guild (Question)

    Awesome I will sure join!
  3. LilSprite

    Why does second life keep closing?

    Re you using the second life viewer itself as well... cause I use new FireStorm 64 release and it looks awesome, I can now run on full without problems.
  4. LilSprite

    Recent Gaming Purchases

    Re: Games You've Recently Bought? Hmmm Bioshock infinite Final Fantasy Realm Reborn Wow
  5. LilSprite

    Second Life Usernames

    I am Lassy Fenn
  6. LilSprite

    League of Legends

    Anyone wants they can add me: Shadowslass or Merilada
  7. LilSprite

    Painting of a Fennec

    ROFL yeah, the eyes are a bit weird lmao. It is hard to achieve with acrylic paint, and the painting is not that big which is why the eyes turned out to be less detail.
  8. LilSprite

    Painting of a Fennec

    Ok so I am kinda new in painting and made some work now, first pieces where a bit: eh? But now I think I am getting the hang of it a bit more and I made this piece: Question I have however is what do you guys think?
  9. LilSprite

    Skype rumor spreading around FA

    Think this is just one of those hoax thingies, get people to leave, I mean like stated nothing is in TOS that claims you can't. I mainly use Skype to chat with people I know far away and to keep up with my fans :D
  10. LilSprite

    What is the last thing you bought?

    Just now latte machiato because I could
  11. LilSprite

    If you won the Lottery

    I would get my own place, donate some to a very special friend of mine in the USA and make a trip out there to meet my abroud friends :D
  12. LilSprite

    Ref Sheet for a Fennec Fox Anthro Can't be above $30 dollars

    This request got fulfilled by CorruptedGamer Sorry all!!
  13. LilSprite

    Ref Sheet for a Fennec Fox Anthro Can't be above $30 dollars

    I am looking to have a ref sheet done based on my fursona, I have two pics of her which should make it easier to do the sheet as I am shit at explaining what she is like. She has plain red fur Pink hair and pink fluffy tail Blue eyes and always wears a blue collar with a heart dangle...
  14. LilSprite

    Some sort of AIM/MSN/YIM/ICQ/Skype thread

    Guess people can add me
  15. LilSprite

    What was the most f*cked up movie you've ever seen in your life?

    That was why it got me so much on WTF!!!
  16. LilSprite

    Post your IMVU username

    Not sure if this one is altready out there or not, if not sowwy!! if so... post your IMVU username on here!! I have two usernames: SpriteofAbyss and ShadowsLass both have human avatars in their pic but I have enough furry outfits lmao:D
  17. LilSprite

    PS3 PSN Gamers

    PSN ID is: MissSprite Tho I mainly game in my evenings/afternoons when kids do go to day care on monday and tueseday
  18. LilSprite

    Second Life Usernames

    I am shadowslass aka Lassy Fenn
  19. LilSprite

    Hey Hi!

    Hey thanks all 3 of you @ Shoiyo: Yeah it's for some reason for me lately hard to be able to find my furry self because of all the stress I am hoping this place will help me get rid of some of it. @ Coyote Club: Fact that becoming a parent or being like major responsible adult over a tiny one...
  20. LilSprite

    What was the most f*cked up movie you've ever seen in your life?

    For me it was most surely Ichy the Killer :shock: That one really got me to stay awake nights on end