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  1. Owlperson

    British Nationalist Party: Good or bad?

    Hideous but what they are complaining about is right. Doesn't make them right in their tactics or motives, but the immigration system in this country is completely up the spout and God knows what the government was doing in 2006-07 (I assume it was asleep and only woke up briefly when Brown took...
  2. Owlperson

    Pictures on Wiki

    Looking up mine it's obvious that there is no barrier to obvious fakery in the name of seeking pictures which aren't copyrighted. I don't know where it came from but as soon as I get some more publicity shots done to which I own the copyright I will be updating it myself. I tried to do a...
  3. Owlperson

    Help me learn to Lucid dream!

    Most psychic activity happens after a good night's sleep unless you are "on" completely. I learned to lucid dream when I was a child because our culture - Eastern European folk-Judaism - allowed for the idea of fortune-telling and the significance of dreams, and I became a natural by the time I...
  4. Owlperson

    How can someone be "half Jewish"?

    There are an awful lot of people who act like ignorant "jack-asses"; I've never met a fellow Jew who claims to be special just because they are part of God's "chosen people" (as opposed to the number of Christians I've met like that). That bit is a very very small part of Judaism as practiced by...
  5. Owlperson

    The 'N' word

    I get called Yid and Kike all the time, so, no, I would NEVER insult anyone based on their race, religion or ethnic background, even in fun. Perhaps I'm missing something here but I don't understand people who use insults as badges of honour. Surely if someone insults you you wouldn't even...
  6. Owlperson

    How can someone be "half Jewish"?

    It's easy to be half-Jewish, like my children, because Jewishness is an ethnic designation rather than a purely religious definition. My fiancee recently admitted she considered converting in the late 1990s while at school because she felt irked by Christianity's vapid "Jesus saves" message and...
  7. Owlperson

    Where do you live?

    RE: Privyet! I am part Russian (raised in a Russian-speaking household in Gorseinon, near Llanelli, South Wales in the 1940s; my father was Romanian but he joined up and was only demobbed in 1946 so I spent my first years speaking only Russian, even taking a whole year to learn English...
  8. Owlperson


    You should have filed a suit against your mother for child abuse. That is the most absurd and the cruellest thing I've ever heard!
  9. Owlperson


    No but my public image begs to differ ;).
  10. Owlperson

    Otter looking to reconnect to the fandom... only I don't know an easy way how...

    Hello, Spike, welcome to FA. I would introduce you to the furries here at Westminster but you'd be shocked...
  11. Owlperson

    Ron Paul "Money Bomb"

    Doubt it as they wouldn't have a vote and therefore would not be contributing to his campaign...unless they were donors redirected by mistake from the Labour Party website :(:(:cry:. The video is actually sticking for me, the only thing wrong with YouTube is dodgy buffering on about 25% of the...
  12. Owlperson

    Ron Paul "Money Bomb"

    RP is just like some people we have here in the UK - long on intentions, short on reality. It surprises me that most of the liberal internet community is supporting him, because he has the endorsement of David Duke. I suspect that his anti-war stance has been taken out of context. And someone...
  13. Owlperson

    Five year olds

    Kaz - although I cannot sanction genocide, particularly at Christmas time, I'm prepared in this case to play King Herod and start a ...cull. The 2002 generation must die!
  14. Owlperson

    Five year olds

    10, but then you haven't seen British five-year-olds these days. One was on the front page of a newspaper in Rotherham after being "arrested" for stabbing someone at school with a flick-knife. Our society is sick, just sick. (When I was in office fourteen years ago it made national news when two...
  15. Owlperson

    South Korea creates glow-in-the-dark cat

    Bizarre, but you might find you step on it less in the dark when you get home very drunk but don't want to switch the lights on and disturb everyone.
  16. Owlperson

    Should prisoners be allowed internet access?

    Interesting project :). What was it for? Anyway, I disagree. Prisoners can send letters, yes, but the speed and security of email is such that they could, for example, be communicating with accomplices or such (not to mention terrorist masters or cells...though I severely doubt the scale and...
  17. Owlperson

    Are most Furs Lazy?

    Judging by the standard of art on the site...not at all. Creativity is exhausting, writing speeches is pretty exhausting for me.
  18. Owlperson

    What do you like about being a furry?

    Where I come from it's normal, so if I wasn't...feathery, I woudn't fit in. And I enjoy the art and the poetry. I might be more old-fashioned sexually but I love cartoons and it is a while since I drew myself as a wol, so some day I might contribute something of my own, if not Louise's as...
  19. Owlperson

    Should prisoners be allowed internet access?

    No, no, and again no. It is prison. It is not a holiday camp. The ...stuff you mention, Esplender, doesn't go on in British prisons - people shower separately (I know because I used to run them once upon a time ;):):)) - but really I agree with most of the people on this thread who say prison...
  20. Owlperson


    ...well. No and dislike. Besides, an owl would rip my face off if I so much as touched her, so no. But - and I leave it at this - I can see the appeal in other animals.