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  1. TheUnknownSoul

    $10 Portrait Commissions

    New examples/completed commissions:
  2. TheUnknownSoul

    $10 Portrait Commissions

    Taking commissions, for these portraits! They can be any and everything. People. Animals. Things. IDK whatever. Example of hard shading - Example of soft shading - More examples of my art here in my gallery (which is the best place to contact me, but you can send me a PM on the forums as...
  3. TheUnknownSoul

    $5 Colored Full Body Commissions!

    Yep. $5 per character and they will be done in the style as the examples posted below. Essentially, rough sketches with a splash of color! Contact me either by note on FA (the best way, here - https://www.furaffinity.net/user/theunknownsoul/ ) or post a comment, or note me here if you're...
  4. TheUnknownSoul

    $5 Sketches and $8 Icons

    What the title says. $5 USD per character for full body sketches. Examples - http://24.media.tumblr.com/82a66396aff37a3ad577ccf96d6279a3/tumblr_mzzl0oTaHV1s9h3ypo1_1280.jpg - http://24.media.tumblr.com/f3f07008edfe3baa6e2c1f6f96a31e0f/tumblr_n06ib7UXfo1s9h3ypo1_500.jpg -...
  5. TheUnknownSoul

    $10 character/designs for sale!

    Currently all three are open, looking for homes. I only take paypal, no bids, just straight up $10 each. Fox, Calico, and Jaguar https://www.furaffinity.net/view/11967379/ - View in gallery here!
  6. TheUnknownSoul

    Custom Crochet Pony Plushies!

    You read right :) Get your own hand made plush right here! - I'll be glad to make either a pony straight from the show, or an OC of your own. - Roughly 7-8 inches long (not including the tail) and sit between 7-8 inches tall. The cutie mark will be on the left side only, unless you request...
  7. TheUnknownSoul

    $5 commissions

    I'm also offering sketches now, for $3 (again per character) c: More sketch examples - http://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lvbvakNfoW1qc0yuh.jpg and http://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lvbvc5d4No1qc0yuh.jpg
  8. TheUnknownSoul

    $5 commissions

    An old example but another example of the type of thing I could do, and simplistic backgrounds I'm willing to do
  9. TheUnknownSoul

    $5 commissions

    hmmm yes. Christmas is about to be upon us and I have NO extra money to spend to buy gifts for friends and family. Even little things. All my money goes towards actually living and I can’t spare any. So I thought I’d take commissions if anyone is interested. $5 per character for a flat...
  10. TheUnknownSoul

    Cheapo Commisions - $2 Sketches

    Yeah I'm totally stealing a friends idea. Cause I am still without job and whatever money I can get is good. Gas prices are frjebnkldefrjskv I don't even. So. Doing a special. SKETCHES. Only $2 per character and I will draw whatever you want. Well, any species and such, rather keep it PG...
  11. TheUnknownSoul

    $3 and up custom sculptures!

    More Keychains! Remember only $3 to $5!
  12. TheUnknownSoul

    $3 and up custom sculptures!

    New examples! New Keychains And two new sculptures c: <3
  13. TheUnknownSoul

    $3 and up custom sculptures!

    Yup c: Made from sculpey (sometimes with a wire/foil base) and painted with acrylics! Cheapest is $3 and up (depending on how complex/colors) for a little chibi keychain Example - http://www.furaffinity.net/view/4709495 and for $5 and up a 2 to 3 inch tall/long sculpture Examples -...
  14. TheUnknownSoul

    Custom Sculpture Commissons

    Yep! Now I'm new to this, so of course I'm trying to start of cheap! Examples: Something like these would range between $5 and $10, depending on complexity and would be 2 to 3 inches tall/long Something like these would range between $15 and $25, and would be 4 to 5 inches tall/long...
  15. TheUnknownSoul

    $10 Sculpture Commissions

    Yep c: For $10 (not including shipping costs) I will make you a 1.5 - 2 inch sculpture like the ones above! Just fill this out What you want (with good refs please!): Pose (Optional): E-mail: Note: I can and will do more than Pokemon, that just happens to be what I did for my examples c: Two...
  16. TheUnknownSoul

    Looking for ref sheet in time for AC, Scaily sona

    http://www.furaffinity.net/user/theunknownsoul/ my gallery ^^ been a while since I've drawn anything reptilian admittingly but I certainly can. Note me if interested
  17. TheUnknownSoul

    Wanting FERAL couple art

    My gallery - http://www.furaffinity.net/user/theunknownsoul/ Note me if interested ^^