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  1. Tica

    Halloween half-skull badges for sale!

    From my FA journal here: http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/6158482/ I have decided to open for special Halloween-themed commissions! This year I will be making half skull badges--any character, any species! - They are digital badges, 4 x 5 inches at 300 dpi. - The badge will consist of your...
  2. Tica

    Furries with aspergers/autism

    I have a lot of Aspie friends, but I don't have it myself. I have a non-verbal learning disorder, which has some similar symptoms. The main difference with the NLD is that it also affects my fine motor control, eye-hand coordination, and visual spatial skills (I was 11 when I finally learned to...
  3. Tica

    Does anyone else have this fetish?

    all I can think of when you say this is the Human Centipede
  4. Tica

    Where to change into fursuit at cons?

    You can get dressed in the headless lounge no problem. If you need to get nekkid for some reason go to a bathroom, but if you have underclothes on, that's what the headless lounge is there for. Just make sure you never leave your suit unattended when you're not wearing it!
  5. Tica

    Fursona species there should be more of, less of and none of in your opinion

    I wouldn't really mind more real-life hybrids: mules, ligers, zonkeys, savannah cats. And of course dog breed and cat breed hybrids also exist IRL (labradoodles, etc). Hybrids because someone couldn't pick a single species and stick with it? boring...
  6. Tica

    Fursona species there should be more of, less of and none of in your opinion

    ......... I was with you until you said that now we are mortal enemies.
  7. Tica

    What about taurs?

    while bipedal, digitigrade legs are a bit of a stretch, there's nothing specifically anatomically impossible about anthros. The human body doesn't make a good carnivore, imho, but it makes a very decent omnivore.
  8. Tica

    What about taurs?

    Taurs weird me out, tbh. Like, centaurs from Greek mythology are okay, and you can make cool centaurs by replacing the non-human bit with other hoofed mammals besides horses. But having a, say, leopard taur with the face of a leopard is just weird. Part of what makes centaurs "work" is that...
  9. Tica

    Mods please delete

    what's wrong with *starting out* as a vet tech and then going from there to full-blown vet? also, it's definitely not normal for a shitty job to leave you in the bathroom crying all day. I used to work for kroger and it was shitty work for min wage, but I lasted 6 months at it before moving on...
  10. Tica

    Favorite and worst Pokemon of all time- who did you choose?

    My favorite pokemon: Likitung. So bizarre but adorable. Least favorite: Jynx. Too uncanny valley, idk. p.s. I stopped paying attention to pokemans after Gold.
  11. Tica

    Mods please delete

    You're not going to get a job and get out of there by yourself. Period. You might not be as disabled as your mother thinks you are, but you're still disabled. Without help from social services or the government, you cannot get into a better situation. Without *good* therapy and counseling, you...
  12. Tica

    How Long Have You Been In The Fandom?

    I went to my first furry convention in 2006. It was a day-long shindig in Tokyo. So I guess that puts me at around 9 years, 10 if you want to count the year I was furry online before meeting other furs IRL.
  13. Tica


    I give money to FA sob stories alla time. I have not once purchased porn or donated to a peen artist. sorry your dog died.
  14. Tica

    What can 10$ get me?

    I'll do full-color badges for $10. busts only, < 5 x 5 inches. something like this:
  15. Tica

    What kind of animal does this look like to you?

    Knuckles doesn't look like an echidna, but he doesn't really look like anything else, either. If he looked like mickey mouse but was supposed to be an echidna, that would be different.
  16. Tica

    What kind of animal does this look like to you?

    the thing about the Sonic guys, too, is that, while they don't look like what they're supposed to be, they don't exactly look like something else either. if they all looked clearly like dogs, or like rats, or like another animal entirely and specifically, *then* it would be similar to your situation
  17. Tica

    Random: connected to my fursona

    if you hate diapers why the hell did you put him in one
  18. Tica


    It says the name on the security certificate doesn't match the name of the site. StartCom Ltd. *is* present where you said.
  19. Tica


    Droid 4 with Android 4.1.2