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  1. Khaos.Kitty

    25% off Commissions

    Currently everything minus my emotes and stickers are 25% off! DM or note me on FA if you’re interested~! Thank you! www.furaffinity.net: Price sheet 2018 -OPEN- by Khaos.Kitty
  2. Khaos.Kitty

    Help me choose a color!

    https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/axent-wear-cat-ear-headphones#home The campaign ends in around 7 days but they can continue to be purchased later as well :3
  3. Khaos.Kitty

    Help me choose a color!

    Hahaha, this is true! But I've already purchased a 4 pack for myself and three friends, so I'm at my spending limit for one more pair :p But I figure I'd give back to my commissioners you know? While they're few in number they're a really friendly lot who are have been there when I was in a...
  4. Khaos.Kitty

    Help me choose a color!

    Because the window for buying them at the reduced price ends in 8 days and I won't be drawing a winner until April when I have them physically in hand. So I have to decide the color now. But good question.
  5. Khaos.Kitty

    Help me choose a color!

    Alright I'm looking to gift a set of Axent wear headphones to one random lucky commissioner when the headphones are finally released. I'm thinking the blue pair as it seems to be the most popular. But I'm wondering what my fellow furs think about the colors. Should I go with blue, green, red...
  6. Khaos.Kitty

    Just popping in to say hello

    So Hello~ Call me Khaos. I probably won't frequent the forums all too often but I figure why not stop and say hello for good measure. Female digital artist with a love of video games and sleeping. Love the color purple, dislike the color orange, and cats a the best evil friends you can have.