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  1. Vekke

    Size Discrimination v.s. Race, Class and Sex Discrimination

    shit how is this topic everywhere today Meat doesn't make you fat, js. It has some of the most readily-absorbed nutrients out there and it keeps you full longer. Most bang for its caloric buck. Size discrimination is a Thing that Happens. It's shitty, just like race and class...
  2. Vekke

    What the fuck is wrong with people?

    Ha, well, unfortunately for that kid, her "maturity" didn't make her not an idiot :I (though I do agree, a 4 year gap isn't that weird)
  3. Vekke

    What do you guys think?

    I don't know if this will apply to anyone else who does something creative, but for me, I think a great deal of my "natural talent" amounts to the sheer desire to draw. I can't not draw. I don't plan on making a career out of my art, but I can't imagine what I'd do with myself if I stopped...
  4. Vekke

    What do you like the most in furry fandom?

    The best part of the furry fandom is not drawing dogs with eyebrows, it's showing everyone online that I did
  5. Vekke

    The Fat-Furry Pride Thread

    So, uh, how about those thin people that can eat donut after donut and not gain weight, should they be proud too? Even though they literally did nothing to "earn" their weight? Even though that might indicate underlying malabsorption problems? It's not about "letting yourself go". Bodies aren't...
  6. Vekke

    Mac or PC?

    My choice is simple. Windows because SAI Oh, back when I had a MacBook I tried to install bootcamp to run SAI. Turns out Mac's harddrive was too fragmented for bootcamp by the time I got my hands on a way to install Windows OS, and where Windows comes with a way to manually defragment your...
  7. Vekke

    How would you describe all your beliefs in 150 words or less?

    Good to know! Coming from a country where political terms are polarized into Democrat and Republican soooo :V So I've heard :I I don't feel like I could say anything on that one way or the other in regards to European countries, not having experienced it or looked deeply into it, though it is...
  8. Vekke

    Are you multilingual?

    oh goddd I heard a story from a pastor from a church with a lot of Puerto Ricans... too bad she learned in Argentina and so didn't think anything of it when she told them the story about one summer night with all the bichos that were chasing her :C Probably the most inappropriate person that...
  9. Vekke

    meeting a fur in real life who turns out to be...

    Oh man I don't even know. I'm not too sure how I come off online. I'm shy both online and offline but I think it shows less online, probably because there are more people on the internet with my stupid, occasionally off colour sense of humour which breaks the ice pretty quick. But IDK I see...
  10. Vekke

    Are you multilingual?

    Oh god lmao that sketch I'm mostly just curious why one regional accent would be worse than the next when it comes to learning... or unlearning xD I would just have thought that your accent would change, or at worst you'd say a word that means something really embarrassing in another country (I...
  11. Vekke

    Are you multilingual?

    Why is this? Just the strong dialect, or something else? And why did English suffer? O:
  12. Vekke

    "Corto is fat!": The losing weight thread.

    If you don't drink enough water you'll retain water weight for a while. It's like how your metabolism slows down at first if you stop eating for a while. If you drink enough your body will be "lol ok I guess I don't need to keep this here after all"
  13. Vekke

    Pills and Medicines

    I have misalignment problems in my neck which give me hella headaches that make me just want to cry and take a nap (legit, I have been kicked by a horse and I prefer that to the headaches)-- I take excedrin for that because that's all that works, and even then slowly and not 100% of the time x3...
  14. Vekke

    What is your sexual orientation

    Short answer: Bi Long answer: Bisexual but the word doesn't really mean binary sooooo you could call me pansexual just as easily. Demisexual in that I don't really care about having sex with people until I know what they're like. Girls are more appealing to me in theory, but in "practice" I...
  15. Vekke

    How would you describe all your beliefs in 150 words or less?

    Economically, a democratic socialist (Scandinavia's systems are ace, and mysteriously their economies are thriving, so IDK where the argument that helping people will ruin our country is coming from). Social liberal. Pro-immigration-- that's a big cause for me. Religion is cool with me and I...
  16. Vekke

    AMERICANS: Are you competent with the metric system?

    US system is stupid as all get out and I wish I weren't stuck with my brain set in it :C I don't understand WHY we still insist on using it kasldgahsfk this country is dumb I voted sorta because I can handle length measurements (based on meters; kilometers not so much) and I know what a liter...
  17. Vekke

    Are you multilingual?

    Late, but, watch univision. It's a free channel, and the drama is lovely (almost as good as furries) C: Or else just watch spanish shows online, they're all over youtube. After college I kept reading (both grammar books and stories), I became fluent in spanish (fluency is different than native...
  18. Vekke

    Five Favorite Species

    1. Beech marten 2. Every other mustelid 3. Mexican wolf 4. Coyote 5. Armadillos (hey man, i had to break up the murry shit)
  19. Vekke

    Furs By Species 2

    Beech Marten (even though I have a dogsona too, gosh)
  20. Vekke

    What is the species you hate the most?

    WHATTTTTTTTTT i love all of these ): i'll just vote dragons because they're not real BUT LOOK WHAT YOU'VE DRIVEN ME TO