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  1. EmoWolf

    Photography: Where To Start

    I wasn't planning on taking photos of myself. :P Wayyy off there. Was thinking more like shots of interesting buildings/the odd flower. And why do I get the feeling that flash won't play nice with those types of things outdoors? :( Now if only I can get my folks to take me somewhere pretty...
  2. EmoWolf

    Photography: Where To Start

    Okay, I think I've found another interest. (as if ogling over computer hardware wasn't enough!) So I want to learn more about photography. As in, I want to get into it. I'm definitely not planning to get into the professional level, but it seems like the kind of hobby I'd be interesting in...
  3. EmoWolf

    Oh great, we're on digg.... >>

    Aww, thank you hun. :smile: They're more tolerant of morbidly obese (And I mean HUUUGE) people, if another story is to believed.
  4. EmoWolf

    Oh great, we're on digg.... >>

    Though the pictures in the article of okay (sort of), I think the comments on the digg itself are somewhat.... interesting. http://digg.com/odd_stuff/The_Furry_Convention_Descends_on_Denver_w_pics I'd love to see an "emo" or "4chan" article up the front page.
  5. EmoWolf

    white collars

    I should have made myslef clearer. >_< Like the ones dogs wear.... I definitely won't wear it all the time, for politeness and such. Probably only at school, or at the mall.
  6. EmoWolf

    white collars

    Okay, I have been thinking of getting a white leather collar, but I have a question. Are they hard to clean/maintain?
  7. EmoWolf

    Animal based apps

    An odd coincidence I found. On my desktop, 4 of 12 icons had an animal of some sort as the program's "mascot", as you will. Amorak for my music enormous music collection. Firefox, which should be required by federal law on every compputer manufactured. :p Pidgin, my MSN replacement. (Which...
  8. EmoWolf

    Looking for writers?

    Tip: Don't invest in gold, or my country's going down the toilet.
  9. EmoWolf

    Your favorite furry apparel!

    nothing, really. I wish i had a collar though. that would be sweet!
  10. EmoWolf

    You? Wait- who are you??

    How? I don't know really. I've always loved wolves, and one day on a forum, I asked where this one guy got his avatar (It was a wolf, naturally). He said he got it made for him on Fur Affinity- and it just clicked. Me: Well, I write. I like gaming, anime, reading, and computers. And everybody in...
  11. EmoWolf

    Looking for writers?

    Ouch. I just clicked on a couple links, and it looks like I'm getting my but kicked. But what can I say? I'm sure everybody on that list is at least 10yr's older than I am. http://www.furaffinity.net/user/nothingmore12/ I suppose I can learn a lot in this forum too. Poetry form when I'm bored...
  12. EmoWolf

    Your E-Name: Where did it come from?

    I wanted a name with "wolf" in it. "Emo" is there just to be interesting. besides there's lots of "SOMETHINGwolf"s here.
  13. EmoWolf

    It's a full moon tonight...

    somebody can eat nargle
  14. EmoWolf

    It's a full moon tonight...

    I get my telescope and hope to see super space ninja pirate monkeys plotting world domination on the craters of the moon. Recently, they've been getting their Death Star replica ready.
  15. EmoWolf

    How do i tell my parents im a furry?

    I'm guilty. http://forums.furaffinity.net/showthread.php?t=34987 No need for 5 more pages of repetition.
  16. EmoWolf

    best game intros

    you know, the ones before the start menu. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rTFLRhV2vI8 I don't think any game to date has done better than that. When I was a little kid, I would watch this on my uncle's ps1 over and over, I was like "How did they do that!?"
  17. EmoWolf


    I do, but I don't live anywhere close it. :(
  18. EmoWolf

    Stephen King haets Twilight

    lol Look, I like the Twilight series, but the characters have real flaws. -Edward is controlling -Bella never learned to fend for herself ("Oops, somebody wants to kill me again! Edward! Come over here!") At least Jacob was trying to do something realistic. (Trying to win over Bella.) I even...
  19. EmoWolf


    not really, except for when people notice my wallpaper and when I'm writing stories.
  20. EmoWolf

    Furries Under 18...How did you get into furry?

    it was Guardians of Ga'hoole that did it. Blame the owls. Then there was His Dark Materials and Twilight. Little did I know of this community. Then it just clicked with me. And my passion for reading about animals become one for writing about them.